’s Week in Review | November 13, 2011


  • IAEA report on Iran prompts war talk
  • Israel is concerned about Palestinian progress at U.N.
  • War in Af-Pak for the foreseeable future
  • Assorted news from the empire
  • What’s new at the blog?
  • Opinion and analysis
  • Antiwar Radio
  • Events

IAEA on Iran Prompts Tug of War for War

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) released a report claiming Iran’s nuclear weapons program "may still be ongoing." The report cobbled together uncorroborated intelligence mainly from U.S. and Israeli sources, without offering much direct evidence. Iran ridiculed the report as "false" and "politically motivated," and indeed at least one piece of circumstantial evidence – accusing a former Soviet scientist of assisting Iran with nuclear weapons development – was found to be erroneous. John Glaser was on Russia Today to discuss the report.

The tug of war for and against a unilateral strike on Iran pitted hawkish politicians against defense and intelligence officials and Iran’s allies. In the latest GOP presidential debate, virtually all of the candidates openly advocated for some form of unilateral aggression against Iran, whether covert or military. Israeli President Shimon Peres said that an attack on Iran is more likely than diplomacy, while Defense Minister Ehud Barak claimed that a war with Iran would have very little downside. President Obama hatched a deal to send the United Arab Emirates thousands of new bunker-buster bombs to "counter Iran."

U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, on the other hand, argued against war with Iran, warning of "unintended consequences." Other elements of Israeli intelligence have openly warned against it as well. China and Russia both issued statements warning against a deadly and costly attack. A Hezbollah leader confirmed many of the fears about setting off a regional war, promising retaliatory attacks if Iran is hit.

Palestine’s Slow Creep into the U.N. Aggravates Israel

Israel expressed concern that Palestine’s bid for statehood at the United Nations was gaining momentum and organized "closed-door discussions" to decide on more punitive measures against Palestinians. Meanwhile, most observers estimate an even split for "yes" and "no" votes at the Security Council.

Many Palestinians from Gaza seeking compensation in court for losses they endured in Israel’s attack in 2009 are being forced to drop their cases because of excessive legal fees and other obstacles that Israel is arbitrarily placing in their way.

Ignore the 2014 Date for Withdrawal

The fact that Obama’s 2014 date for pulling out of Afghanistan has nothing to do with the end of the war again made itself clear. It has been reiterated by government officials that the U.S. will be propping up the government and military in Afghanistan for the foreseeable future, as well as conducting covert and elite forces operations against insurgents. Violence continues to soar, as a battle between NATO and Taliban forces ended in more than 70 alleged militants being killed on Wednesday.

Tensions apparently arose this week between the political arm of the Pakistani government and the militant Haqqani network. Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari allegedly vowed to "eradicate" the terrorist network, while a Haqqani commander in North Waziristan threatened to break the tacit peace deal with the government.

Assorted News From the Empire

What’s New at the Blog?

Scott Horton pointed out the least-quoted passage of the IAEA report: the part that says the IAEA has continued to confirm Iran’s non-diversion of nuclear materials. Jason Ditz wrote about the new German monument to Georg Elser, who committed a terrorist act in 1939. John Glaser blogged about U.S. aggression toward Iran and the IAEA report, which claimed nothing more than that Iran has nuclear information, and the 30-plus years of Western saber-rattling on Iran’s elusive nuclear weapons and Obama’s ill-fated decision to send the UAE more weapons. Glaser also wrote about yet another Gitmo detainee who is still caged despite being cleared for release, about so-called "Jewish terrorism" in the West Bank, about al-Qaeda’s claimed benefits from the Libyan war, the shopworn lies about the Arab Spring, and Obama’s treacherous drug war policies in Latin America.

Opinion and Analysis

Justin Raimondo wrote about "libertarian realism," the IAEA’s farce of a report, and war propaganda on Iran. Philip Giraldi highlighted American acquiescence to Israel on the Palestine statehood issue. Ivan Eland explained why waste and war are inherent in government. Kelley B. Vlahos wrote about the Occupy movement, its veteran allies, and its right-wing hypocrites. Brian Phillips discussed 10 factors that may lead to war with Iran.

Antiwar Radio

Scott Horton had John Feffer on the show to explain why America should close down its empire of bases. M.J. Rosenberg discussed AIPAC’s drive for war against Iran. Almerindo Ojeda dug into the investigation of multiple suspicious deaths of Guantanamo detainees. Flynt Leverett twice talked about inaccurate coverage of the IAEA report. Andy Worthington discussed the decade-long miscarriage of justice at Gitmo. Muhammad Sahimi analyzed the "evidence" for Iran’s alleged weapons program. Stephen Zunes noted Obama’s newfound love for the Uzbek dictatorship. Anthony Gregory and Jim Powell talked about Armistice Day.


On Saturday, Dec. 3 the Libertarian Party of Ventura County will hold a protest against the escalating wars our government is involved in all over the world. The aim is to demand accountability from both parties on the war issue.


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