Come on Down to Deranged Dave’s, Where No Price Is Too High

Last week, David Frum, of “Unpatriotic Conservatives” and “axis of evil” fame, wrote the following as part of a foreign policy Q&A:

Iraq: Knowing everything you know now, if you had been in Congress in 2002, would you have voted to authorize force against Saddam Hussein, yes or no?

No. For an Iraqi, there was no price too high to pay to rid the country of Saddam Hussein. For Americans, the issue was not Saddam’s badness, but his nuclear weapons program. Knowing that the nuclear program was not a real threat, the invasion was too large a commitment. The world is a better place without Saddam, but as with everything, the question is one of costs and benefits. The costs to the U.S. were too high, the benefits to the U.S. too few.

Some praised Frum for his gutsy rethinking of a now-unpopular policy that he fiercely advocated when it mattered. Andrew Sullivan — of course — nominated Frum for the Yglesias Award (in Sullivan’s world, it’s high praise to compare someone to Matthew Yglesias but a grave insult to compare someone to Nicholas Von Hoffman).

"I've got that price list somewhere."

But re-read this sentence: “For an Iraqi, there was no price too high to pay to rid the country of Saddam Hussein.” This may be the most appalling thing David Frum has ever written, and that’s saying something. If it doesn’t knock the wind out of you, then drink a cup of coffee, rummage around for your soul, and read it again. I wonder whether Frum paused for even a nanosecond before proclaiming — on behalf of the 30 million or so residents of Iraq – that “there was no price too high to pay to rid the country of Saddam Hussein.” We need not list the specific “prices” millions of Iraqis have paid in dead children, dead parents, destroyed homes, lost arms and legs, etc., to recognize this as the nonchalance of a sociopath.

The David Frums may update their packaging from time to time, but inside, they’re the same poison.

14 thoughts on “Come on Down to Deranged Dave’s, Where No Price Is Too High”

  1. We could offer to kill his wife, burn his home to the ground or blast it with a drone missile, sell his kids into slavery to a Saudi oil prince, and loot all of his bank accounts, and have armed patrols wander through his parents neighborhoods arbitrarily shooting and people and homes, but in return promise to get rid of Obama. I am sure he would be willing to be inconvenienced to get rid of the tyrant. After all the Iraqis danced in the street to welcome our troops and loved the way we so quickly set up Abu Graib and got is running more efficiently then Sadaam did.

  2. When I read the sentence, "For an Iraqi, no price was too high……", I thought rather calmly, "oh really Davy, did you ask them all?" Then the arrogance of it hit home, then the appalling immorality. It's enough to take your breath away. What could prompt a man to declare to the world that the loss of another person's life, their family, their limbs, their wealth – any or all of it – whatever happened – was not too high a price for them to pay, and this is so because I declare it to be so. The man is a lunatic.

  3. I love how Frum is considered a "reasonable" and "moderate" Republican intellect–the thinking person's Republican. This, might I remind everyone, is a guy who coauthored a book called "An End to Evil." You can't get more extreme and hubristic than that. Even Sarah Palin's handy-clappy amen corner might see it as a little messianically arrogant. (New hardcover editions now available at for 7 cents, down from 12 cents a couple months ago.) And Frum's carefree dismissal of (in fact, failure to mention) the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis whom his cherished "liberation" is true to disgusting form.

    By the way, thanks for the reminder that comparison to Yglesias is really not a compliment [shudder].

    1. I read the first paragraph of Frum's tome on the Amazon site, so I know that the Afghanistan war has saved millions from starvation and that Iraq was also a great success. This is a best-seller?? Perle and Frum must have a special sort of "reading public"; it says little for US education or media standards.

  4. Davey 'boy-gravy' Frump is one funny guy. Oh yeah. You know how like sometimes you might get a boil on your sit-down and it gets all festered and icky? So for anyone standing around watching your misery that might be funny. However…

  5. No price too high to pay, Dave? I suggest you tell that, personally and on the ground, to those blasted bodies and neighborhoods "over there". I say the cost to send you there and watch the angry antics ensue would be priceless. You damn coward.

  6. When you start realizing these.people.are the devils.of the earth is.when you will.understand….the Spanish inquistion….the hilocaust…..mass slavery the way the angling.Saxon man…the evil armies of Greece and Rome….the sexual.molestation of boys which has since befoewnthe Roman empire…..when you realize that the Anglo is the devil of the earth only then would what they do make.sense….there is the exeption to the may seems until they get in power its the same ol crap….even with an uncle Tom at the helm….but then again he grew up.white.anyway

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