David Frum’s Fatal Conceit

I know it’s bad form to follow up on my own post so quickly, but I fear that I may have shortchanged the enormity of the assertion that “For an Iraqi, there was no price too high to pay to rid the country of Saddam Hussein.” Allow me to riff a bit, with a nod to some of the commenters.

Christmas is right around the corner!

Let’s say that, in an instant, America — no, the whole world — could be magically remade into David Frum’s utopia. I don’t want to imagine what that would be like, and I probably wouldn’t live long enough to see much of it, but whatever. All the evils that Frum deplores could be scrubbed from the planet, and for a relatively small price in the grand scheme of things: his wife and three kids. (This is not just some far-fetched philosophy-class hypothetical; numerous Iraqis have lost their entire families in the last eight years.) Would Frum pay that price?

I don’t want to speak for him, but I strongly suspect that he would not. He’s not a robot, after all. He surely has normal human feelings for his own family. Faced with the prospect of any harm coming to them, he would likely accept the persistence of “evil” in the world and forgo Frumtopia. (He’s free to correct me on this in comments.)

But Frum doesn’t hesitate to declare the lives of up to 30 million other people an acceptable price. He doesn’t even linger over the matter: 18 words and he’s on to the next issue. Thirty million people. But he means well.

“Sociopath” was far too vague a term for Frum. How about “genocidal maniac with a heart of gold”?

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  1. He is not the only one claiming "price is worth it" when the price is other people's children. Madeleine Albright said something similar for the sad demise of 50,000 Iraqi children.

    1. According to the UN, it was 500,000 Iraqi children. I can't even wrap my brain around that number of innocent children dying.

    2. That's 500,000 Iraqi children and elderly who died for lack of imported medicine due to the Clinton administration's insistence. Albright wouldn't get out of bed to kill only 50,000 Arab kids. That infamous comment will be her epitaph.

    3. Albright said 500,000 actually not 50,000 and that "we think the price was worth paying."
      I am a bit perplexed at the shock at the "enormity" of Frum's statement in contrast to the enormity of the ongoing slaughter fest throughout the Middle East.
      This callous indifference towards the suffering of others dressed up as a categorical imperative is standard mo for those of the Frum/Albright world view

  2. What defies rational explanation is how murderous mediocrities such as Frum not only remain outside prison walls but are allowed to remain on a public platform regurgitating their Zionist/Neocon claptrap. Every time I see this ugly mutt's pug on "news" media i become further convinced that Americans have become stupid beyond correction.

    1. Unfortunately, if any concerted attempt were made to bring the neocon cabal to justice, they would instantly hightail it to Israel, and political asylum. The one exception: Bush, who bought a large parcel of land in Paraguay during his 2nd term. No doubt that would be his "bug-out" hideout.

  3. As a Canadian who admired Frum's mother for her work on Canadian Radio's 'As It Happens' , I was appalled when I heard that she had spawned such a werewof whelp as David.

    1. Same here Wally. The truth is that scum like him, think of the US witch Ann Coulter as another example, are making astounding amounts of money by spewing their intentionally orchestrated rot across the "Western" media prompting those very same 80% of dimwit Americans that believed Saddam was responsible for 9/11 to go and buy their books or swallow their endless prostitution of the facts…but in reality they are simply a pimp and a whore who have permanently infected the American psyche with a form of mental AIDS which is causing a slow, painful death of logic and reason.

      1. Frum recently lost his perch on NPR's "Marketplace" program as a conservative pundit when, reading between the lines, the producers belatedly realized that he represents no identifiable American constituency.

        One could argue that he does represent Neoconservatives, but that's hardly a constituency, more of an extremely thin, light, pliable film that's been applied to the upper floors of many think tanks by a paint roller of directed funding.

    2. As a Canadian who despised glib-tounged Barbara Frum and her power within the CBC, the Canadian Brainwashing Corporation, I am not surprised in the least that she and her hubby, a Toronto real estate magnate, would produce a racist paranoiac like David Frum who would kill millions to achieve Frumtopia for his little clique of neo-Nazis.

  4. Indulge me as I recycle my original comments to his verbal pablum:
    “Yes, his comments on Iraqi are both arrogant and patronizing. One has to wonder if HE were an Iraqi, who or what would Frum be willing to sacrifice to oust his leader. I would also encourage readers to look for the disparaging remarks he made about folks who said the same thing he said about Iraq in this piece…except they said it way back in 2003. One thing Frum must not have noticed (or is too afraid to admit): he agrees with Ron Paul on six of his nine answers. Really glad to see Frum’s finally coming around! Peace be with you.”

  5. Do the Iraqis realize what a great benefactor they have for them here in America? Surprised they don’t have bronze statue of the Frum Factor in downtown Baghdad.

  6. these young repub idiots are always willing to sacrafice, though none of them have ever been near a battlefield…they may be very smart but they all lack wisdom…so dave when i see you leading soldiers up that hill i'll believe you

  7. Only therapists know the true feelings of those who lose family to wars like this. The rest of us aren't allowed to hear it, and they're not allowed to say it. God bless Cindy Shehann.

  8. Lets pump ole Dave full of Mefloquine and other Army wonder drugs, stamp his ass 11B and send him over to live out his short, brutal fantasy.

  9. All the wars of the world have been "worth it" for the victorious kings, their courtiers and hangers on.

    Besides, it's reflexive rhetoric not meant to be taken seriously. Merely a manner of writing to fill the space, sound impressive, thoughtful, serious. It's certainly not to be autopsied by Christian moralists on fringe websites. Besides, as Americans see it, foreigners' lives aren't worth all that much anyway.

    Sucking up to Empire exposed David to a bigger audience, though he lost out on a Senate appointment when America's favourite satrap, Stephen Harper, appointed his sister instead to the Canadian Senate. Now that was a real sacrifice.

  10. David Frum, like many "public intellectuals" who reached prominence on the coattails of the Iraq War, is a lightweight thinker punching far above his weight class in terms of influence and publication. Anyone proposing an "end to evil" through the application of military force, or even just an "end to evil", should have had a hard time getting through college let alone making a way in the world as a "thinker".

    The real problem is not with Frum and others like him, it's with the people and institutions which see fit to pay him well to jot down this nonsense and thus provide a veneer of justification for their crimes. Frum's thin philosophical gruel convinces no one but fellow travelers in the establishment bubble, which is fed great resources to keep floating in an ever-blue sky. Next thing you know, someone will try and argue that Hitler was actually a socialist.

  11. Wow, you have made an argument I have been making for some time in my circles — if you believe in it so strongly, sacrifice your own loved ones instead of forcing someone else to sacrifice theirs.

  12. My father, an intelligent, self educated immigrant, used to say, with conviction, that we would have a bunch of generals running this country early in the 2000's. I thought that the old man was a bit daft. Not now…… not after the shameful conduct of this nation that I am witnessing daily.

  13. What a stupid statement " NO PRICE TO HIGH TO GET RID OF SADDAM " I think I would pay money to get him back . He did a good job protectinmg minorities . This new US installed goverenment has eradicated 2/3 rds of Iraqi christians . I doubt the Christians would agree with the dumb statement . Also I 'am not sure the Iraqi people are done paying the price yet for removing Saddam . After the U.S. peacekeepers leave even Cindy Sheehan was worried about what would hapeend to the Iaqi people .She lost her son there , so she has a strong interest in at least seeing a improvement for the Iraq people .It looks to me we gave Iraq to Iran , I don't agree that is much of a improvement . If the United States enters wars on the wrong side the price is going to be high ,

  14. Frum and Perle, both of whom had access, we can assume, to many in the highest levels of the State Dept., the Defense Dept. and Dick Cheney's office wrote in 2003 that Rachel Corrie had been accidentally killed by the IDF as she tried to stop them from unearthing tunnels. By this time, a simple phone call would have informed them that the State Dept. did not consider the Israeli investigation to be credible or thorough or transparent. In addition they could have phoned John Bolton or Linc Bloomfield and found out that there was concern about a U.S. funded bulldozer having committed the death.
    Mr. Frum and Mr. Perle appear to conflate protestors/activists with terrorists/terrorist sympathizers. Indeed, Israel had frequently complained to the U.S. Embassy staff about the International Solidarity Movement. I wonder if Mr. Frum and Mr. Perle were aware of that fact.
    I wonder why Mr. Frum, standing under the dome of St. Paul, would be so affected by a minister speaking of Rachel's courage that he had to lie in his book to try to damage her and the ISM?

  15. I linked up to Amazon and read the first few pages of the tome. The first paragraph showed that Frum and Perle live in a different universe. Afghanistan is saved from starvation? Iraq from tyranny? Who did they ask? If this is on the bestseller list, what does it say about US intelligence (I mean in the real sense, of intelligent people)? Is John Bolton also a famous author? He is quoted often enough, all of his words are lies.

  16. It is as in war where you go to war with the army you have.
    The war-hawks think with the thinkers they have – thus the low-lying, low-thinking rubbish.

  17. It’s always been a mystery to me that Frum is listened to at all. He’s been a bag-man for AIPAC for the last 20 years. His speech writing for varoius presidents has left us with (chicken) nuggets like “axis of evil” and “with us or against us”. His ‘skills’ would surely have been better employed penning westerns. Of course he knows his limitations but also that such ludicrous cliches would play well to the dullard cannon fodder. Hi IS a genocidal maniac as are his fellow fifth columnists. He, and his like, are much worse than Hitler – perhaps not quite as bad as Stalin or Mao – who never pretended to be an enlightened liberal. A pity that a stray drone couldn’t vaporise him – perhaps at a ‘wedding party’ or more likely a barmitzvah. After all what’s a little collateral damage there and here?

  18. Frum and the other Neocons are directly responsible for policies that have killed hundreds of thousands of kids. Prisoners destroy pedophiles for touching one kid… what would they do if they knew these guys had KILLED thousands of kids? I pray these guys meet an end that justifies what they've done.

  19. If prisoners kill and torture pedophiles, what should happen to Frum and his fellow Neocons? They didn't just molest one kid, the policies they are responsible for have KILLED hundreds of thousands of children. No punishment would fit the crimes these a-holes have committed. I pray some of the soldiers coming back from the Neocon wars go mid-evil on these guys.

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