Ron Paul’s “Loyal Aides”?

A Washington Post piece on Ron Paul’s rise in the polls comes with the usual “but he can’t win” caveat, and there’s also this nugget:

“Yet, while the libertarian-leaning Texas congressman is earning support for his tight-fisted fiscal positions, he’s so out of step with the GOP mainstream on foreign policy and some domestic issues that even his most loyal aides doubt he can use his momentum to win the Republican nomination.”

Just how “loyal” is an aide who snipes at Ron behind his back?  It’s disturbing there appears to be a fifth column in the Paul campaign. Earth to Ron: get rid of them before they drive the knife deeper.

The reality of Paul’s poll numbers refutes these disloyalists: in fact, Paul’s opposition to perpetual war is a major plus in the demographics he is outpolling his opponents in: young people and independents.

These “loyal aides” — hopefully soon to be ex-aides — are playing footsie with the mainstream media which is out to get Paul and destroy his campaign: in effect, they are actively sabotaging the Paul campaign. While this won’t be the first case of alleged “libertarians” turning on the man who made libertarianism into a household word, Ron can — and should — make damn sure it is the last as far as his campaign is concerned.

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  1. RE: "It’s disturbing there appears to be a fifth column in the Paul campaign." ~ Raimondo

    MY COMMENT: Possibly, but appearances can be quite deceptive. I would not put it past members of the press (or someone feeding them) to falsely attribute "doubt" to "his most loyal aides" in an effort to both deprecate the candidate, and also to foment dissension within the campaign. A "twofer", so to speak.

  2. These unnamed "loyal aids" might not even exist. This is heresay journalism. Indeed, this entire story might be simply more pys-ops co-intel designed so sew doubt among those who cling to a self-identity as 'centrists'. The sheeple are easy to steer.

    Who controls the dopey, malleable 'middle' controls American democracy.

    Therefore, expect more mainstream commentary describing Ron Paul as "extreme". Manipulation is easy when so many voters are lame, ill-informed or just cowardly.

    1. Maybe like those loyal Jewish employees of Jimmy Carter's foundation who quit when his book "Peace, not Apatheid" was published. Turns out (although you would never know this from the "mainstream" media)) they were not and had never been associated in anyway with the Foundatio

  3. Seems like a pretty basic obviousness that Ron Paul will not be president, ever. Hardly seems fifth columnish to point such out.

    1. Jeremy, that may be true. But the fact is, that would contradict the statement that they are 'loyal' or of much 'aid'. You probably understand that the odds are stacked against us having a true non-interventionist foreign policy or a world without war. Yet, for you to actually come out and say to the Post that 'there's no way that will ever happen' would seem to be pretty bad for morale, and would make one wonder 'then why do you waste your time?'

      Luckily, y'all continue to valiantly work towards that possibly impossible goal. We thank you for that in the private sphere and we thank Ron Paul for doing it in the civic sphere.

      Peace be with you.

  4. I'll say it: a nation state of blood thirsty superstitious pig f-cking yahoos isn't going to elect a medical doctor who wants to decriminalize heroin and trade with Moooslims.

    1. Thanks to Citizens United, even if we were to abandon our propensities for porcine pulchritude, our working class money can't touch what's flooding our system. That was the last footprint we left in the sand as a Republic. This is a Fascist Empire in every way. Fascist Empires don't let their subjects decide anything, as most are well aware.

    2. I share your cynicism. For the life of me I cannot understand this utter worship of non-stop imperialism. You would think these people are part of some blood cult.

      1. Yep I agree with Angela 100% there and from the left, even. Anyone paying attention can see America is full of porcine GMO chip and propaganda fed yahoos.

  5. It doesn't matter what the economically ignorant fools who currently run government think, the ideas of the austrian school of economics are currently spreading throughout the internet with breakneck speed. A basic understanding of inflation and how the central bank is at the heart of all our troubles is a simple and viral idea. This will not be stopped. 11 more months of ron paul revolution, especially as we get closer to election time and even more media attention will be focused on paul, will prove to be unstoppable. The RP revolution will transform America and the rest of the world in about a year :) . I think it could have happened in 2008 if ron paul had gone third party, but it looks like this time he will if he does not win rep nomination, but I still think there is great chance he will win rep nomination.. Just wait till some major movie stars or rappers make a conscious effort to publicize ron paul, this can happen any moment and take the revolution to a whole new level. The RP campaign should make a conscious effort to reach out and try to educate famous people.

    As Hayek wrote:

    “Most people are still unwilling to face the most alarming lesson of modern history: that the greatest crimes of our time have been committed by governments that had the enthusiastic support of millions of people who were guided by moral impulses. It is simply not true that Hitler or Mussolini, Lenin or Stalin, appealed only to the worst instincts of their people: they also appealed to some of the feelings which also dominate contemporary democracies.”

    Let's face it, our government is a reflection of the public's economic ignorance and tribalism, as Ron Paul changes their views, government too will have to change its character. I for one am very hopeful!!!

  6. The WashingtonWhorePost maintains that "loyal aides" to Dr. Paul doubt his momentum. Okey-dokey there WhorePost, WHO? Put up or STFU!
    And furthermore, 2012 is going to be one screwy presidential election cycle and Ron Paul may just pull off the shocker of our early twenty first century. Dr. Paul has my vote and I don't care if he runs as Repuglican or whatever.
    Ummm, Ms. Angela? "…superstitious pig f-cking yahoos…" that'd be the US Congress, right?

  7. You have to understand that WaPo is a government contractor, not a newspaper. They sell worthless for profit college degrees bundled with government backed loans to unsuspecting students. Kaplan "University" is where they make all their money. They will certainly be out of business if Ron Paul wins the presidency.

  8. Everyone is on the attack, so he's obviously on track for voctory. Attempting to split up the people within the winning campaign is every outsiders dream. Don't believe it if it's in print, on tv. These are the people who brought you the 7 million word tax code, a 15 trillion debt and also said we would find WMD in Iraq. Did you see any photos of WMD from Iraq the other day at pull out? I didn't think so, even fishermen show their catch. Stay the course with Paul, A WINNER CAN WIN, be not decieved.

  9. As an Australian and sees what America is doing to the world, I can honestly say that the best choice Americans can make for president is Ron Paul. Americans, win back your freedoms and liberties and make America what it once was, land of the free and home of the brave.

    1. My compliments and best wishes to you, Dean. You're a man who recognizes quality when he sees it.

      As an American, I have to say that the U.S. Government is f–ked up. It's contemptuous of the Constitution, of the law, of treaty obligations, of–well, everything. Ron Paul is the only candidate who wants to reverse that state of affairs.

  10. I'm another Aussie, and I wear my Ron Paul 2012 t-shirt proudly, even though even our media ignores him too. I really hope America can get back on track and Americans can be motivated to support the good doctor. What an inspiration he is!

  11. The greatest crime is being committed by the pwogwessives who claim to be antiwar (Are they really?) and yet will not help or vote for Ron Paul even in the primary!!! From their point of view he is the best candidate in the Republican field – but they are being kept in check by the gate keepers, the Dem Party operatives and sundry Obamabots. Crossover voting of independents and even some Dems could put RP over the top in Iowa and NH. But this point cannot even be discussed on pwog outlets due to the gate keepers and the tyranny of the 501c(3).
    Come Home America (www.ComeHomeAmerica,US), where are you when we need you?

    1. NeoStalinist turned NeoFascist (which should be the new name for NeoProgressives) Tom Hayden acknowledges that Ron Paul is anti-war, yet will support a proven fascist warmonger and killer of Asians and Africans, Barack H Obama, in the next election — all because of the relatively trivial "racist" Ron Paul newsletters.

    2. I used to call myself a 'progressive' before Obama and the Democrats made that a dirty word that apparently now means pro-corporate and pro-war and anti-everything-America-once-stood-for. I've changed my registration from Green to Republican just so I can go support Mr. Paul in the caucuses here. Its going to be weird hanging out with Republicans at the caucus meeting. And I keep waiting to be struck down my lightening for being a Republican. But, so far, it hasn't happened yet.

  12. I wouldn’t fret too much about some “fifth column” in Ron Paul’s campaign. It’s more like some lazy journo inventing a source to validate their own prejudice. It’s also possible that they would do this in order to foment a witchhunt within the ranks – but I doubt they’re that clever…Let us try not to be too clever by half.

    Keep the faith,


  13. Don't assume the media accurately quoted the aides. Or for that matter, that some jerk reporter didn't just make up the whole story. Remember, they get caught doing that on a fairly regular basis.

    The best thing to do is not to pay any attention to the 'media'. Don't read them. Don't listen to them. Don't watch them. The best scene in V for Vendetta is when the great leader tries to talk to his people via the telly, and no one is watching. There are just empty chairs in front of the TV because everyone is out acting demanding change.

    One thing I wish would do is to warn me when a link goes to some evil place like the NYT or the WaPo. I refuse to read either so-called newspaper, and I cuss everytime tricks me into going there.

  14. Really Ricardus? Austrian economics doesn't do the boom bust economic model so loved by Chicago and Keynesians so how does your depression occur? check out Austrian business cycle theory (ABCT) then you'll find that the Keysian would recommend actions which caused the boom in the first place, the chicago school would suggest that the depression is normal and should be endured which what you're thinking of however the austrian would suggest you should never get into the credit creating boom in the first place.

  15. The Austrians think that when recession strikes, we should go all out and make it as deep and painful a depression as possible in order to destroy all of that "malinvestment" (their invented word that tips people off to the presence of an Austrian)… in time, the internal devaluations of deflation and destruction and massive unemployment will return things to an equilibrium though it will take a long time, they say that things will look up in the long run, and as Keynes said, "in the long run, we are all dead". Nice of them to ruin the lives of millions for years because of ideological dogma. They are dangerous people. The gold standard is also dangerous. Funny how heartland types like Paul used to be against the gold standard because farmers knew it was murder. Now they're volunteering for crucifixion on that cross of gold.

    1. You are familiar with the Great depression of 1920-21 of course. You aren't? But you have heard of the the Great Depression of 1929-1946? Contrast the results and policies followed, let me know which was better.

    2. Ricardus – You need to get past their establishment understanding of economics. I know where you're coming from, because I've studied both, & I can tell you that for worshiping of the data & econometrics they ignore it when it doesn't fit their model. Case in point – the brainwashing about the evilness of the gold standard ignores the fact that the per capita GDP growth was higher for the hundred years before the fed was instituted than after. Also, for all the claims of the importance of Keynesian monetary & fiscal stimulus, establishment economists ignore the fact that one of their own–Christina Romer no less–has demonstrated that all the perceived improvements in moderating recessions & depressions since Keynesian tools were implemented are merely a fiction of new data gathering methods. In other words, there has been little to no improvement in moderating or correcting recessions & depressions over the pre-fed era.

      This isn't to say that I am saying any of the pre-fed monetary systems were perfect–they had their downsides–but they were vastly superior for economic growth, & often the biggest problem then was a lack of adherence to the existing system in favor of government intervention (using the Greenback during the Civil War, then fixing the dollar back to the pre-war link with gold; mass money printing to pay for WWI; moral hazards from state guarantees of privileged banks; etc).

      And while a gold standard would be a vast improvement over our current debacle, the ideal would be free competing currencies as Hayek & others have advocated. While it would be unlikely that Paul would be able to implement a new monetary system–his ideal is just that–he he has explained that the actual policy he would simply allow other currencies to legally compete alongside the dollar (as opposed to ending the Fed overnight).

  16. Well then, thank god for fiat money and our wise overlords, who print money to give to insolvent banks and industries, while strangulating healthy businesses by regulation and taxation.
    Deflation is the saving grace of any recession. Instead we get negative real interest rates, structural unemployment, and inflation.
    Death will come when the parasites succeed in killing their hosts. This may be not be such a "long run".

  17. Very good blog! Not only this particular article, but I’ve read through a number of articles of yours since I unearthed it this afternoon. I’m adding this site to my favourites so I can locate you again.

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