The Madness of Adam Yoshida

Amid an avalanche of attacks on antiwar Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, the latest (as of midnight on Tuesday) is one in the comically-named “American Thinker,” a neocon web site for the intellectually challenged, which runs a piece by Adam Yoshida on “The Madness of Ron Paul.” The real irony here is that if anyone is an example of madness run amok it is Señor Yoshida, who wrote the following:

“Can any rational person deny that Michael Moore is a traitor? … Michael Moore should be made an example of. During the Revolutionary War, loyalists were tarred and feathered and sometimes killed. … In short, during virtually every major American war, subversion, sedition, and treason have been harshly dealt with and civil liberties have been curbed. This is the way things ought to be. This is the way that things must be.

“Vietnam was lost both because seditionists were allowed to run free and because the government failed to take proper action to curb them. Today Kent State is memorialized as a great tragedy because a few traitors (or those stupid enough to stand near them) were killed when, in fact, one of the great tragedies of the war was that there were obviously too few Kent States.”

This is what passes for “conservatism” these days: the Madness of Adam Yoshida. 

 “This is the way things ought to be. This is the way that things must be.” Spooky. Scary. And wacko. The man is off his meds — or maybe there aren’t meds powerful enough to counteract that kind of psychosis.

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  1. (1)@Justin Raimondo Wow, that is spooky. What is going on with these nut-jobs? It is like the USA Constitution does not apply to them. Especially during war time, or shall I say UNdeclared war time. Maybe that is why they like war so much. They want to get rid of our civil liberties, and they know that under a real threat the American people will spill the blood and treasure needed to keep those liberties;

  2. (2)most seem oblivious to the fact that the real enemy is perpetual unclear wars with no end game that seems hell bent on taking away our freedoms. Lincoln did once say that if the USA faulters, it wont be from the outside, but from within…and we are seeing it now. To me, neo-cons seem like the gestapo. And neo-con voters are like liberals. Useful idiots. "It's not that they are stupid, it is just that what they know is wrong," I guess. Could you do me a favor and write an article about Iran. Particularly the fact that Iran has the most crucial port in all of the middle east that virtually all middle east oil flows out of. And if we do bomb them them or go to UNdeclared war with them, the port will close. And when the port closes oil ceases to be exported not only to the USA, but all other oil addicted countries. That we will see $10+ a gallon gas with 3 mile fill up lines with oil shortages. And it will make all oil addicted countries angry like china. the world wide economic chaos. And worsten And that it will more than likley spawn a WWIII.? You guys have a lot of viewers, and I think it could wake some people up to the dangers of starting a war with them. Thanks.

  3. American Thinker??????? Here in the UK the site could be prosecuted under the Trade Descriptions Act as Mr Yoshida is Canadian AFAIK.

  4. If Yoshida is "off his meds," so is everyone else in Amerika who shares his neocon views and expresses them in like manner. Come to think of it, given the rampant over-medication of Amerika, that just might be the case anyhow.

  5. The lunatics are in the halls. Or in the very least, the editorial chambers of 'American Thinker'. 'American Thinker', damn, the irony is screamingly funny.

  6. "If an author says: the rabble thirst for blood and I with them, he may be no less right than in asserting that primitive man too took delight in killing. But he errs if he passes over the fact that the satisfaction of such sadistic desires impairs the existence of society, or if he asserts that "true" civilization and the "good" society are an achievement of people blithely indulging in thier passion for violence, murder, and cruelty, that the repression of the impulses towards brutality endangers mankind's evolution and that a substitution of barbarism for humanitarianism would save man from degeneration. The social division of labor and cooperation rests upon the conciliatory settlement of disputes. Not war, as Heraclitus said, but peace is the source of all social relations."

    Ludwig Von Mises in Human Action

    Adam Yoshida would do well to read the writings of Ludwig Von Mises. He might learn that it is to his selfish advantage to cooperate and trade peacefully with others rather than killing them.

  7. The proper way to deal with subhuman animals like this yoshida filth is to deliver upon him exactly what he prescribes, and with much blood, violence, and pain.

  8. The real tragedy of the Viet-Nam War was that there weren't enough seditious citizens around at the start. Remember the phony Gulf of Tonkin Resolution (approved by everyone in Congress at the time except Sens Fulbright and Morse). I remember the hoopla and the flagwaving bs like John Wayne's dreadful movie, "The Green Beret". This is just anecdotal, but I was in the Navy at the time serving on the USS Hancock (attack carrier). One of our escort ships was the Destroyer, USS Maddox, which was supposedly "attacked" while in the Gulf of Tonkin. I later met a Radioman from that ship in a bar in Honolulu, who told me that he was on duty that night monitoring the radar screen and in his words "never saw shit". We just wanted to have a go at the "enemy". Ditto Panama, Grenada, Iraq, Afghanistan and soon Iran. All stupid, worthless wars cheered on by the idiots and formented by carrion eaters like this Yoshida pest.

  9. I stopped reading his article as soon as i read the words.
    "Paul and his merry band of libertarian Bolsheviks"

    im sure there are more laughs to be had but i prefer my comedy a little less grim

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