Ethiopia: America’s Model for Civil Liberty?

Remember how the US contracted Ethiopia to “restore order” in Somalia? The East African dictatorship was to help install a UN-backed government of warlords and former communist apparatchiks in order to “free” Somalia. They ended up obliterating the delicate gains the impoverished society had made in the early 2000s.

Ethiopia, whose government purposely starved Its Own People to death in the 80s, such that Americans sang songs about them, was Washington’s light of freedom unto the Somalis. That turned out horrifyingly as we know — Ethiopia could poetically be said to have infected Somalia with famine; many other African despotisms have been roped in to somehow deliver democracy at missile-point, killing and displacing thousands in the process; an insurgency of war-scarred children runs wild.

But the point isn’t to mock yet again the utter, utter failure of US foreign policy with regard to Somalia, but to note that Ethiopia — DC’s go-to for regional freedom delivery — is run by terrible people who monitor and punish journalism they feel threaten them. Two Swedish journalists were just sentenced to 15 years in prison for “terrorism,” i.e., the crime of attempting to report in the Ogaden, an ethnic Somali region ruled brutally by Addis Ababa. Ethiopian journalists have been charged with terrorism as well. Many flee, shuttering their papers, in order to avoid what I imagine are quite inhospitable prisons — all for speaking their minds.

In the US, meanwhile, a sort of terror-fueled guerrilla law has taken hold, which will now soon be properly codified thanks to a few hawks and an ocean of cowards in Congress, plus a power-mad president. One could wonder if Ethiopia might be the model for the US government lately, whose leaders have seen fit to torture, imprison, and murder Americans for their own crimes of speech.

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  1. Zennawi is a Tigraey Tribal Warlord.He has repressed other Tribes such as the Amhara.He continues to hold on to Somali Tribal region of Ogaden & Haud.The Oromo want to secede,too.
    USA supports Zennawi & the current Somalia's un-elected 'TFG',again made-up of Tribal Warlords.
    And now,USA backs a corrupt Kenya government to invade Western Somalia,in order to further fragment Somali territory & occupy the Shebele district(Kisamayu).Kenya also already occupies NE 'Kenya Colony'(NFD) which the British had detached from Somalia.
    As Reagen once said ,it's rumoured, : "These are 'bastards', but they are OUR 'bastard"!

    1. No Reagan. This was Ted Kennedy speaking on Dominican Rafael LeónidasTrujillo instead.
      Him said: "He is a son of a bitch, but him is our son of a bitch".

  2. If it were not for the usually sort-sighted US policy around the world, Ethiopia's current regime would have been the last government we assist. Little do American (leaders) hawks know that the Tigray Manifesto, the book by which Meles Zenawi's party Woyane is guided specifically puts it as its goal the separation of Tigray state in the north from the rest of Ethiopia. According to the widely believed belief in the region, the separation is to occur once the currently relatively less developed Tigray region is brought up to par (or even ahead of) with the rest of current Ethiopia. Resources are currently being siphoned off from the entire Ethiopian regional administrations to the Tigray region where the currently despotic top officials in the country originated from. If the current Ethiopian minority regime is left unchecked, as a nation composed of 50% muslims and 50% christians, and multiple ethnicities, the current ethnic federalism will worsen, separation of states will ensue, and most importantly, a great human tragedy of genocide is doomed to occur against the very people the current dictatorial leaders come from. To the envie of Al Qaeda, the red sea along the Eritrean coast line could be destabilized by Ethiopia's minority dictatorship, and become a haven for terrorists. This way, the US will have little control of the region much like the current southern Somalia. It is high time the US addresses the real problems the horn of Africa faces namely the fanning of wars and ethnic / religious animosity for cheap temporary political gain perpetrated by Ethiopia's minority brutal dictatorship. For starters, the US should work towards bringing peace between the different states of the horn of Africa starting by tackling one of (if not the main) source of instability namely the already internationally arbitrated border demarcation decision that is yet to be realized if it were not for the clear obstruction / refusal by Ethiopia's minority dictatorship.

  3. this is another typical unparallel and bais jornalism.
    those sauids or sewdens jornalists have no right to vaiolet a sovrn country,they know better.if they or you western bla blas care enough get ur ass@ somalia and do the right thing…yet history teachs us not likele.
    meles is not the best guy but he is @list trying…
    go eritrea they will make bbq out of you.
    stop hatein’

  4. Interesting artilce in describing the Ethiopian dictators; however, the rebels in Somalia are shortsighted too. Instead of fighting to restore democracy, econmic developments they are living in the dark ages of tribalism, to unite all Somalis, a Greater Somalia. They have brought suffering on their own people to promote their narrow nationalism and gave more amunition to the dictator. Secession is a passe, but fighting for democracy and human rights is timely and could unite all Ethiopians against the Meles dictatorship.

    Like Somalia, Meles is a tribal war lord, but he tells the world otherwise. Unfortunately, the Americans are fighting warlords and Al Shabab, but they ignore, the worst terrorist int he region, because he is terrorizing over 89 million people.


  5. It is recently reported that Ethiopian FM wants to develop security ties with Sudan. Well, Ethiopia has been praised for its actions in diligently uniting the African position towards the other organizations.

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