Cenk Ugyur Has It Right

Progressive Cenk Ugyar, lefty blogger and sometime MSNBC host (purged for defecting from the Obama cult), has it right about Sean Hannity, Ron Paul, and Fox News.

5 thoughts on “Cenk Ugyur Has It Right”

  1. I thought I was going to hear something new. This has been the Republican establishment plan of attack against Dr. Paul for the past 15 years. And finding out that O-Really is duplicitous, well, there is plenty of archived material to prove that.

    1. I think we need more cut & pastes like that. People who more or less believe in him are seeing (credit Fletcher Prouty) ~'a two hour film at about two frames a day.' This is an in-your-face contrast produced by someone who paid attention.

  2. Cenk Ugyar is right on! The establishment is protecting it's hegemony over the sheeple. What I found interesting is that O'Reilly is acquainted with reality and he felt the need to explain it to Romney on air. I assume O'Reilly wanted to make sure that Romney understood that if elected he should only taunt Iran and not start a physical confrontation with it. Basically scare them into submission.

  3. Part of O'Reilly's mission is to discredit Romney whenever possible. That's why O'Reiily flip flops on Iran. FNC can't stand Romney nor Paul.

    Ugyar will give Obama credit when he feels it is deserved and will criticize Obama when he disagrees with him–which is most of the time.

  4. Interesting to hear Cenk support Ron Paul after saying Ron Paul can kiss his *** over those old newsletters. Nice to see he's come around.

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