Iran: The Case Against the Next War

The Case Against the Next War is “a concise package on foreign policy with Iran and Israel because [young activists] desired a resource to show parents and family something with integrity,” says Nick Hankoff. The 26 year old media consultant created the presentation for his local GOP group which as he noted in a brief interview with, made up of new activists under 30. Click here for a media presentation which cuts through the now daily onslaught of anti-Iranian propaganda.

Hankoff is Chair of Los Angeles County Republican Liberty Caucus, Grassroots Coordinator for Tenth Amendment Center and an on-call volunteer for

3 thoughts on “Iran: The Case Against the Next War”

  1. Heard the excellent report of the truth about Iran on KPFK, 6 January 2012, and hope that you will send that program to all the 'progressive' talk show hosts on the Pacifica/KPFK-e.g. Harrison, Sonali, Amy Goodman, Margaret Prescott, Ian Masters, etc., and regular, commercial networks, such as KTLK, here in L.A…… e.g. Thom Hartman, Mike Malloy, Randi Rhodes, Bill Press etc., so they can get the same person on the air to a wider audience….also, you might consider sending the tape to the Daily Show and the Colbert Report… they do present serious topics in a humorous way and reach a huge audience…. please get out this person's plea… so we can have some hope that we can finally do more than just Imagine all the people living life in PEACE!!!!!!!!

  2. a petition needs started now that states that any violation of entering a new war without congressional approval will result in the incarceration of obama for life.

  3. Avoiding WORLD WAR III seems to be a reasonable case as to NEVER go to war with IRAN. Any War with IRAN will see the entire Middle East thrown into FULL SCALE WAR with ISREAEL/NATO/US & its other allies like AUSTRALIA up against IRAN/SYRIA/LEBANON/HAMAS/HEZBOLLAH & EVENTUALLY most of the MIDDLE EAST. This war will QUICKLY EXPLODE as OIL PRICES SPIKE & THE WORLD ECONOMY CRASHES & THE MOST DEVASTATING GREAT DEPRESSION OF ALL TIME COMES UPON US ALL. This will see GLOBAL TERRORISM & FOOD RIOTS ERUPT as millions die in Middle East from war & radiation as this will happen when reactors are attacked this violence will spill over into nuclear armed nations like INDIA & PAKISTAN. This could also effect KOREA. FROM all this chaos USA/ISRAEL/NATO will clash with RUSSIAN & CHINESE FORCES. From there WORLD WAR 3. This seems a valid reason for NO war with IRAN.

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