Duh, Winning! (Hearts and Minds Edition)

From Three Against Hitler, by Rudi Wobbe and Jerry Borrowman:

Near our home was a shoe store, owned and run by a Jew. Even before 1933 his store windows and swastikas had been painted on the walls and door. But, after the “takeover,” the Nazis demolished his store in broad daylight. They broke all the windows, threw the merchandise onto the sidewalk, and dragged the proprietor and his wife and two children into the street. They started beating and cursing them, all the while calling them dirty names and shouting that they weren’t fit to live among the exalted German, Aryan people. The greatest indignity of all is that after the family was lying in the gutter in agony, the Nazis urinated on them. I was only seven years of age when this took place, but I remember it vividly.

From Afghanistan:

From Pamela Geller, quoted in the Houston Chronicle [h/t — Eric Dondero]:

I love these Marines. Perhaps this is the infidel interpretation of the Islamic ritual of washing and preparing the body for burial.

In future dictionaries, a “geller” will be defined as “a near-perfect intersection of abject stupidity and irredeemable evil.”

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24 thoughts on “Duh, Winning! (Hearts and Minds Edition)”

  1. Of course this is apalling. And illegal.
    But why is everybody so "shocked"?
    In Germany, all newspapers are shocked and disturbed.
    For absolute beginners, after all we're talking about war. In a war, naturally, all things happen. Will and must happen, for this is the nature of war. So, beeing shocked about soldiers who pee on dead fighters only indicates one thing: to know nothing about war. To believe it could be possible to stay clean and upright in a war… (For certain soldiers: yes. For an army in total: nonsense). Could anything be more naive than such a belief?

    1. And yet the hypocritical irony is that no WAR was ever formally declared. So if the powers that be feel any existential threat, even by someone such as yourself or I, and then kick in our doors and kill us for putting up any resistance, we'd be deserving of a golden shower? I suppose we should only ask all those who've been brutalized or killed in the name of the War On Drugs. It is indeed naive to be shocked because the whole evil exercise is an abomination.

  2. I wonder if "Ms." Geller had any ancestors or relatives who were on the receiving end of the Nazis' version of this "ritual of washing and preparing the body for burial," alive or dead, inside or outside of places like Auschwitz, Dachau, Treblinka, Sobibor, etc.

    Again, what's sauce for the goose…

  3. These are America's finest young people, who have come to embody most perfectly the ideals of our society as it is today, yes?

  4. I agree with Marc. These men are trained to kill. If you are willing to kill a living human being, what would stop you from peeing on a dead one?

  5. Desecrating a corpse is a war crime. Defined quite specifically in the Geneva Convention. Of course and it is a given, since 9/11/01, the Geneva Convention means about squat. Pammy Geller is squalid.

    1. True. These so-called Taliban who have the temerity to defend their homeland from a foreign makeover/mass-murder, are just another statistic. That is, if statistics are actually collected, and are available to us peons. I'm sure most days there are killings, but of course this one urination (which IS indecent) gets all the headlines. And how many times would similar things have happened but not have been filmed or reported?

    2. some people feel they were born beyond reproach and therefore anything they say or do is not capable of being wicked, immoral, fascistic, etc.

  6. Ah, yes, the ever-continuing girlie-manization of America. Patton would be appalled.

    Hey Tom, it ain't about peeing on corpses. This is just a question of girlie-manish men trying to bring down to their level masculine men fighting an enemy and protecting America. The yellow bellies avoided service. So what else can they do to make themselves feel justified except dissing those of us who have served.

    Eric Dondero, USN 1981-85

    1. Attitudes like your require some spitting hippies?

      Where do you get off calling people 'yellow bellies' and saying they 'avoided' anything? Your military service was a choice, too.

    1. You're not a libertarian in any sense. Someone who gets his rocks off because shaven headed goons piss on the dead has psychological problems that run deeper than any libertarian philosophy could ever white wash.

  7. Those of us who oppose the Regime's wars include many like myself who are not pacifists in any sense. Every individual human being possesses an unqualified natural right to use lethal force to repel aggressive violence; that includes Afghan tribesmen who seek to evict the armed foreigners who have invaded and occupied their country.

    For all of the talk about the evils of the Taliban, all we know for sure about the people whose bodies were defiled in that video clip were defending their home soil against invaders. There is no sense in which that could honestly be said of the Beavis and Butthead-caliber losers in uniform featured in that clip.

    1. Therein lay the hypocrisy of it all. There is no context. The Pakistani officials routinely label anyone who happens to get spun off this mortal coil, due to the unfortunate proximity to their American "angels", as insurgents. No actual proof of such is ever offered nor investigated. Why would they?! They're bribed to the tune of billions and who is going to let a few worthless sheep herders get in the way of that. Like some sick slasher movie you have the evil and deranged psychopath, AKA Stone Cold Slasher Sam, rampaging through villages overseas, but soon he's coming back to a neighborhood near YOU.

  8. I'm only surprised these swine weren't texting or fondling some electronic device while in the act. That's how self absorbed people have become. In the modern workplace it's called multi-tasking.

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