The False Flag Story and Provocations

By now, I’m sure most readers of this blog are informed about Mark Perry’s blockbuster story Friday on that describes how Israeli Mossad agents posed as U.S. spies to recruit and use members of the Jundallah group to carry out what the State Department and others have called a campaign of terror against Iran focused in particular on the largely Sunni province of Sistan va Balochistan. If you haven’t read it, you definitely should.

This story naturally raises a host of questions, among them, why Jundallah was not put on the State Department’s Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) list before November 20, 2010; how much control the Mossad has exercised over Jundallah and its operations; whether Mossad may be operating another “false-flag” operation with PJAK, the Iraqi Kurdistan-based Iranian branch of Turkey’s PKK. (PJAK was designated an FTO 15 days after Obama’s inauguration, reportedly as a gesture to both Ankara and Tehran, and, as Mark reminded me Friday, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman reportedly recommended last summer that Israel begin providing assistance to the PKK in retaliation for Ankara’s decision to downgrade relations with Tel Aviv.) And hanging over all this is the big question of why, if Washington knew of Israel’s sponsorship of one or more FTOs, particularly one as bloody-minded as Jundallah, did it not do more to discourage that relationship? Deliberately averting one’s eyes to terrorist activity is, after all, a form of complicity, particularly if you know that this terrorist activity is being done in your name.

Meanwhile, a remarkably and unusually candid discussion (for a mainstream medium) of Israel’s strategy of provocation took place yesterday with an interview by MSNBC’s Chris Matthews of former CIA officer Robert Baer and can be seen here. It runs about five minutes. Baer makes clear his view that these assassinations, about which I hope to write more later, have little to do with setting back Iran’s nuclear program in any meaningful way, but are rather designed to provoke an armed response that would increase the likelihood of a U.S. or U.S./Israeli attack.

I think that these two forms of terrorism — support for Jundallah and possibly other terrorist groups, and the assassination of scientists associated with Iran’s nuclear program — share the same goal. (Killing a handful of scientists will not stop Iran’s nuclear program, and Jundallah is essentially a ragtag group with no hope of seriously destabilizing the regime.) The primary aim of these programs, therefore, appears to be provocation. And, so long as the U.S. is seen as supportive of or at least complicit with these efforts (as Israel clearly wishes the U.S. to be seen), hard-line forces in the Iranian regime will always have a leg up in internal discussions about whether Washington can be trusted in any negotiation. That’s why it seems to me that it’s incumbent on the Obama administration, if indeed it wishes to avoid war, to make as clear as it possibly can that it has absolutely nothing to do with these covert programs. In that respect, public denials, no matter how categorical, by Clinton, Panetta, and the White House to that effect are not nearly sufficient.

In that connection, one wonders whether Obama addressed this issue in his conversation with Netanyahu on Thursday; that is, two days after the assassination in Tehran and on the eve of the publication of Perry’s article of which the White House and other agencies were no doubt aware because of the author’s last-minute efforts to get them to comment.

The two leaders also discussed recent Iran-related developments, including the international community’s efforts to hold Iran accountable for its failures to meet its international obligations. The President reiterated his unshakable commitment to Israel’s security, and the President and the Prime Minister promised to stay in touch in the coming weeks on these and other issues of mutual concern.

While it focuses on the possibility of an Israeli attack on Iran, today’s piece in the Wall Street Journal is suggestive, particularly the last paragraph:

Some American intelligence officials complain that Israel represents a blind spot in U.S. intelligence, which devotes little resources to Israel. Some officials have long argued that, given the potential for Israel to drag the U.S. into potentially explosive situations, the U.S. should devote more resources to divining Israel’s true intentions.

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Author: Jim Lobe

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8 thoughts on “The False Flag Story and Provocations”

  1. It would seem that the U.S. and Israel are planning aggressive war against Iran, which is a war crime under the Nuremberg Canon. Where is the International Criminal Court when we really need it?

  2. I still believe that all of the various, apparently unrelated stories which have appeared in US and israeli media over the last few days, talking of a split between US and Israeli policies regarding Iran, are elements in a complex deception operation. The imminent attack is against Syria. For several reasons, Iran cannot be attacked until Syria has been neutralised. This alone is sufficient to explain the cancellation of the joint US-Israeli exercise Austere Challenge 12, originally scheduled for April. But the cancellation is being spun as evidence of a split, in conjunction with the Jundullah and Yaalon stories.

  3. Like Niqnaq above, I too believe we are being presented an elaborate series of misdirections that will ultimately result in yet another war. While the thrust of it will ostensibly be Syrian stability, the real reason behind it will be a Western desire (read: Israeli demand) for Syrian to be taken out of the equation prior to action against Iran.

    9000 troops in Israel, and nothing to do for 6-7 months? How about some on-the-job training in Syria knocking them down until it's time for the 'exercise' in July or August?

    End result: I'm expecting Syria to be attacked any day now, and the offensive against Iran to begin in late summer/early fall.

    1. Seems DC is enamored with the idea of encircling Iran like some sort of geographical noose. Were we to threaten our archons with the hemp variety they might reconsider.

  4. I'm still not sure what the US-UK-Israel axis are up to. Toppling these secular Arab rulers brings to power The Muslim brotherhood who are as committed to Israel's destruction as Iran is. And their people are more likely to follow their leadership into war with the hated Zionists if they are Godly men, as opposed to the Godless Assads, Mubaraks et al.

  5. In September 2010 I reported in The American Conservative magazine that Israeli intelligence officers were pretending to be US government officials (FBI and CIA) when approaching Arab Americans in New Jersey and New York to obtain their cooperation. The story was not linked by the magazine and died. The point is that the Israelis have been doing this sort of thing for a long time – recall for a moment their use of British, Canadian and New Zealand passports in some of their assassination operations.

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