SOPA, and Why We’re Not Blacked Out

Today is the day digital activists protest the Internet-censorship bill known as SOPA by symbolically blacking out their websites. SOPA, or the Stop Online Piracy Act, is a megacorporate-written scheme to “protect” entertainment and media conglomerates’ intellectual property, but it could shut down and otherwise disrupt much of the Internet if properly applied. It’s an attack on free speech. backs the blackout protests fully, and we absolutely, unequivocally condemn this hideous bill. But we can’t join in the protest itself. There is simply too much going on in the world to give the War Party a break from our 24/7 scrutiny. And goodness knows they won’t be taking a break.

We will continue providing information on the issue as it progresses.

18 thoughts on “SOPA, and Why We’re Not Blacked Out”

  1. id say the average reader of does not needs some gimmick to oppose state censorship of the internet

  2. The black-outs are retarded and counter-productive. Firms should make gov't eat it's own medicine and de-link gov't websites en masse. This fucktarded legislation would die overnight.

    1. They are not. let me explain:
      wikipedia gets 25 million average visitors per day. that means that the SOPA message at the front of their site is getting 25 million views. im sure that not all of those people know or care about SOPA. now they might.
      now throw Google and Reddit and 7000 small sites into the mix and you have massive influence. world changing influence. thats why sopa is dangerous.

  3. I think there's a nuclear option still waiting. All these web sites can pick out your geographic region from your IP number. So what if instead of going black, Google, Reddit, and all the others geo-located the incoming user, and directed those in the constituencies of pro-SOPA politicians to anti-SOPA articles? And then, come election time, put a suggestion on users in those constituencies' pages that they should vote against these politicians?

    I'm curious to see how well Leahy will do in Vermont after a month or so in which every one of his constituents sees "Unelect Leahy" as the banner on Google, every single time they do a search.

    Now THAT might be a trifle of a challenge to democracy as we know it.

  4. Hmm Duglarri thats an interesting idea, if that could work it would be a "sugrical strike" to use a
    war monger phrase.

  5. I was just about to say the same thing – paulBass & Frank hit the nail on the head. And Skaramouche – that’s a clever thought.

  6. we're just not going to let them censor us anyhow. They can try, but as we've seen from the other national examples the US is following (China in particular) there's always a way around it.

  7. you must make a mobile version of your web site, additional and additional individuals these days are using their sensible phones for surfing

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