Obama vs. Romney: There Goes One Lesser-of-Two-Evils Argument

Kevin Drum, the Leonidas of the left 49-yard line, predicts the ways in which a Romney presidency would differ from an Obama presidency. Drum assumes that Romney would have a Republican majority in the Senate, so this is not a best-case scenario for liberals. I scanned the list for anything related to foreign policy and civil liberties, and here’s all I found:

We might stay in Afghanistan significantly longer than we would otherwise — though I’m not sure about this. …

Romney has talked tough on China, but that’s just campaign bushwa. He’d quickly find out that his options are extremely limited on this score. On foreign policy more generally, Obama is actually fairly tenacious, despite Romney’s bluster to the contrary, and I doubt that Romney would be able to move much further to his right.

So, on two sprawling issues that could make a difference in a tight race, it’s practically a wash. No wonder liberals have aimed so much ire at another Republican.

3 thoughts on “Obama vs. Romney: There Goes One Lesser-of-Two-Evils Argument”

  1. Aren't Lindsey Graham and John McCain considered "moderates"? I guess Romney and Obama fall into this camp too. To be fair, Romney has made the distinction he wants to build more battleships and aircraft carriers than Obama. Romney has also all but promised to bomb Iran within his first 100 days in office. Be that as it may, Obama has made doing so (without even Congressional approval) acceptable, if not expected, with his "Libya" precedent; therefore, if and when bombs are dropping on Tehran, the event should come as no surprise to the American people…it fact, it should even be embraced and celebrated—besides, it’s always possible Obama will preempt Romney and bomb Iran himself before the election in order to prove he’s more “moderate” than Romney…

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