9 thoughts on “Fool-Throated”

  1. "Full-throated…functional neoconservative." Wow, once upon a time I was a dysfunctional progressive. However I never took Ecstasy in college. I took dystopian philosophy classes from Willy Wisner and LSD 25.

  2. A majority of Americans supported the Iraq war. The question is what does he believe now regarding Empire? Is he now more of a force for good or evil?

    How about Iraq sanctions/war supporters being compared to eugenics supporters? Technically that is what they are.

    1. Let's not forget who Hitler looked to for solid State-supported eugenics policies and the legal crafting needed to enforce them:

      the United States.

      As always, world leaders we are. Yep.

      1. That is a piece of history that interventionist ignore when they glorify American involvement in World War II. They fought an evil they themselves had a hand in creating. American corporations were deeply involved with Hitler. It is an inconvenient truth for modern day chicken hawk Spartans with their self-righteousness about World War II. They need to stop the psychological projection and face their own demons.

      1. A majority supported the first gulf war which started this whole mess. I agree that most wanted UN approval before the 2003 invasion. I think it is bad that a majority supported the war as it started according to the polls in March 2003 and May 2003 (listed in the link). I hope war with Iran looming people make the right decision and not support it even if the UN supports it.

        Jack, I know there are good conservatives out there! Every ideological category has some rotten eggs, or mostly rotten eggs. The problem is trying to get all the good eggs together and prevent them from cracking each other.

  3. "In 2000, I supported John McCain for President. In 2008, I supported Barack Obama. I expect to support him again."

    Ugh, I mean ok if you really have to do the lesser of two evils things in the voting booth, I don't condemn you. It is your own business, kind of like what you do in the bathroom stall. :) And I realize if you refuse to go the third party route the choices will likely be horrible.

    And hey, if you make a lesser of two evils case for why others should also vote the LOTE, as long as you adequately emphasize the evils I can live with it. But to be a SUPPORTER, to use that term, for fascist McCain (him of the NDAA) and war criminal Barrack. Ugh, beneath human dignity.

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