US, Israel Considered Biggest Threats to Security of Arab World

The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies has just completed another survey of Arab public opinion. Some relevant findings:

  • 73 percent of respondents believe that Israel and the US are the two countries presenting the largest threat to the security of the Arab world, with 51 percent believing that Israel is the most threatening, 22 percent believe the US is the most threatening, and 5 percent reporting a belief that Iran is the single country most threatening to the security of their countries. The results on this question vary from one Arab country to another.
  • 55 percent support having the Middle East declared a nuclear-weapons-free zone, compared to 29 percent who would oppose such a move. The majority of the 55 percent believe that Israel’s possession of nuclear weapons justifies possession of such weapons by other countries in the region.
  • More than two-thirds of Arabs support a democratic form of government, believing in the importance of a transfer of power.

This, after all we’ve done to promote democracy in the region…

One thought on “US, Israel Considered Biggest Threats to Security of Arab World”

  1. No surprise here. The U.S. and its “51st state”–Israel–are the biggest threats to the security of the Arab world–and the Arabs make no mistake about it.

    Many in the Arab world support a “nuclear free” Middle East. Also, many believe that Israel’s possession of nukes justifies posssesion of nukes by countries in the region.

  2. "after all we’ve done to promote democracy in the region…" Brilliant use of sarcasm there, John!

  3. Why they are called Neo Fascism: USA and for that matter Europe looks like a giant charity continent, everywhere from sidewalks to crossing to a grocery store to a church to schools and beyond there are people begging or there is booth set up asking for help a organization to help military and others in need.

    In Europe from Geneva to Hamburg to Sweden is a different kind of reality in being able to see the existing poverty, beside the obvious; there are other form of poverty that you can not see unless you know where to go and which part of the city to visit, or under which bridge or by which waste dumps where some of poorest can be found; there are cities and emigrants campground deep into woods or by the capital city south side close to railroads where many poor people live, give you an example, a city with 100.000 population almost 20-30% are immigrants and 5-10% of them without job, rest is the native also with almost 5-10% without jobs collecting decreasing social benefits which is nothing to what the living costs is, many of these people are families up to 6 members.

    Back in 1960 and well into1990s the immigration was a kind of humanitarian task for all kind of governments participating in kind of more liberal taking hand of immigrants bringing them into country for their need in manpower in factories and etc. But behind all that European “Liberal immigration policy” there was a catch, taking immigrants was not for immigrants being poor or their good looking or if they had educations, the governments immigration policies were and still based on the facts that many of natives were emigrating from Europe to or USA to South America, Africa, Far East, New Zeeland, Australia, Israel and other part of this world filling the gap by bringing in emigrants from other countries.

    People move or emigrate for three main reasons, 1- economic, where they might find a job. 2- where there is a war. 3- Natural catastrophe. Yet those whom were moving to Europe from Middle East or from Northern African country were looking for all the above and they were welcomed for four reasons, 1- Governments wanted them for their investment, 2- their political vote and 3- the revenue that immigrants business would create for the government and 4- immigrants were considered purely as manpower, here not only the immigrants would fill the gap in natives immigrating but they also would fill the gap in government tax revenue. In the beginning the emigration policy was for Europe needing manpower, but lately is all about emigrant being able to invest in the country helping themselves without being dependent on government when its needed.

    The European as well as America has passed the time when they needed working man to fill up their factories, now days the factories are automated and run by robot so that even natives don’t need to apply.

    Now in 2012, 60 and some years later almost every foreign nation who live in Europe, about 35-50% have their own business paying taxes and off course they have married and their kids carrying the same nationality as the natives and thereby their population is grown to as what it is today, in some cities they are the majorities, but the governments of all kind in Europe and US for that matter discarding these facts and consider immigrants as third kind citizens, using and abusing them all they can, unless they are rich and or wealthy contributing one way or another paying their taxes and etc. Nonetheless, most of these governments, and even to some extends some leftist in Europe saying thing as almost as this man says:

    President Nicolas Sarkozy declared Tuesday that there are too many foreigners in France." Our system of integration is working increasingly badly, because we have too many foreigners on our territory and we can no longer manage to find them accommodation, a job, a school," Sarkozy said on a three-hour French TV debate show Tuesday, the Guardian reported.

    That is not only a fascist statement but he is right about one thing and one thing alone, “accommodation, a job, a school” and that is the reality of entire Europe today, is not only France that have such problems, Italy, Spain, England, Germany, and entire Northern European countries (Scandinavia) facing the same problem unable to “accommodation, a job, a school”, but they all cut the government spending on all the above which rises the question: why Europe – USA create wars, mostly in countries where people that are argued about are the ones that been bombed and need to immigrate because there is political instability and that they are bombed by EU and US government, that there is a war created by these governments that are called “world power”. The answer is simple; these governments by definitions are formed with the idea in Neo Fascism helping capitalism and its militarism to conquer these peoples countries yet not willing to understand the fact that it is them that creates situation where Sarkozi and or the Swedish government need to start such absurd argument without any merits but their own values in being Neo Fascist.

  4. I wish some posters kept to the topic under discussion. Anyway, looks like most Arabs got it right this time.

  5. I am glad to see the Arab world care about how badly Israel unfortunately has hamstrung the entire american political system and holds it to carrying out its foreign policy. if you ask me 911 was an israeli security copulation of pure insanity and hatred and should serve what we need to strive for in a modern intellegent world. peace.

  6. And they are right. The US and Israel are the two biggest threats to arab security.

  7. Considering how many Arabs believe in The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, it is obvious how they can view Israel as more dangerous than Iran…

  8. I really don't know about this, by reading your post it seems that Israel is much more dangerous than Iran. maybe because of their tactics and at the same time the weapon that Israeli have.
    baby eagle

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