14 thoughts on “Fading American Support for War in Afghanistan”

  1. Obviously the best way to monitor the mental health and limit the deployments of service members is to bring them home.

  2. It is quite a testimony of American Ignorance about this war because they thought 'it was 'worth fighting' when Bush, (because of his idiotic diversion of troops to Iraq, was 'losing' the war in Afghanistan). And then when Obama tripled the troops there by the end of 2010 and the Taiban are being driven out of Kandahar and Helmand Province by the end of 2011, It is not worth fighting.

    Now there are over 310,000 Afghan soldiers and police who are taking over a good chunck of their own security… Coalition Forces suffered half the casualties the past four months that were suffered two years ago. But Americans think the war is not worth fighting…

    No signs of a summer offensive this year. The night raids have taken out many insurgents and their leadership.

    1. Yes, you're right, it was obviously a fool's errand when we went to war over a criminal act by a small, nongovernmental group in the Graveyard of Empires, and it was more obviously one when another fool gleefully rushed in with his surge.

  3. Asking Americans to assess "cost vs benefit" of a decade old war is quite lame for a poll question. Money and lives spent is a very 'clear recognizable COST. Asking sidetracked Americans if they see a 'benefit' is mystical territory for the average American mind.

    90% of Americans supported toppling the Taliban going in.

    The 'benefit' at the time for Americans was expressed by Toby Kieth after the 9/11/attacks – "Cos we'll put a boot in your ass, it's the American way." Now that 'boot in your ass' feeling has faded away.

    Obama and the Seals finally put a Boot in Bin Laden's ass…. and now abandoning the Afghan people who have struggled and suffered with us…. is ok. Just like Reagan… liberate and forget about 'em.

  4. Even if 99% of Amerikans were against the war would it matter?

    They will still keep paying their taxes and electing the same politicians.

    The only thing that will stop this war is total economic collapse of the Amerikan economy or if our rulers tried to institute a draft to fight this war.

  5. Stats from the old Grey Whore on the Potomac? How in the hell could anything from them be considered factual is beyond me.

  6. Most Americans are all for war when they they think, or are sold the idea
    that it will be quick, painless (for them) and no cost (to them).
    If thousands of foreigners, die, suffer or are maimed it is fine as
    long as it is out of sight.

    If that same war starts to affect their standard of
    living, even in a minor way, they will turn on it.

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