Loosely in the AP, with Nanodiamonds

Justin has already written about this in great detail, but I thought I’d put up an image comparison between the AP’s “drawing” and a detonation nanodiamond explosion chamber.

Given that Iran is known to have a perfectly legal, 100% non-nuclear, 100% civilian detonation nanodiamond program that they invested heavily in, and given that the detonation chambers for these nanodiamonds looks remarkably like the drawing the AP provided, isn’t it more reasonable to assume that whoever “totally saw something” and described it to the guy who drew it actually just saw one of these?

19 thoughts on “Loosely in the AP, with Nanodiamonds”

  1. But that would mean having to admit the truth. And that's something this government does its best to avoid.

    1. Besides, it's the job of the AP to carry the water for the neocons and other warmongers…been doing it for years and I don't see a reason why they should change now.

        1. Depends entirely on your ideological bent…definitely not a liberal service.

  2. OK, Jason. I just reread the title and had myself a good chuckle. Sheesh! I've taken things so serious lately that I failed to catch the joke. I really need to relax more. With a tip of the hat to the Beatles and the psychadelic generation. The clue being you'd have to be high to believe it!. Bravo.

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