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Dear Peace-Mongers:

This is a very a special pledge drive. In the midst of some of the most critical developing issues so far this year, we’re asking for your support as U.S. missiles pepper Yemen, as Congress vies for war with Iran, as Obama arms the rebels in Syria, as the drone war continues to expand, as NDAA and indefinite detention are challenged in the courts, and as the occupation of Afghanistan and a reckoning with the war crimes in Iraq persist. is on hyper-drive. You needed real time, in-depth analysis of the day’s antiwar, pro-civil liberties issues. The blog is as active as ever. And the news stories that keep you informed of the Empire’s latest excesses are always in our news section.

And we are being heard. Our Editorial Director Justin Raimondo was quoted in the New York Times this week scorning the War Party’s propaganda. Our DC Editor John Glaser reached out to young people, writing in the Young Americans for Liberty’s print magazine about the impending war on Iran. And we’re still digging into that case of the FBI snooping on us. doesn't merely give you the news but we take action. We joined hands with top activists in Come Home America. We provided daily updates on our dedicated page for National Day of Action: No Iran War. We even have taken our efforts to the social networks with #AfghanistanTuesday.

Donations, however, have been very slow. We are counting on all of our readers, who make our work possible, to show their support.

Please give today. We are standing by at 323-512-7095. Donations are tax-deductible. So, don’t pay the Pentagon; keep in action.

This week’s top news:

Court Rejects Obama Arguments, Enjoins NDAA Detentions: A U.S. District Judge has issued a temporary injunction prohibiting the enforcement of the portions of the National Defense Authorization Act 2012 (NDAA) that relate to open-ended military detention of "suspects" and rejecting the Obama Administration’s attempts to have the case thrown out.

House Bill Shifting Red Line for War on Iran Passes Overwhelmingly: A bill in the House of Representatives passed on Thursday which essentially calls for a military strike on Iran if they attain "nuclear weapons capability," an undefined term that could already apply to Iran, and many other countries with civilian nuclear programs.

US DEA Agents Kill Up to Six Civilians in Honduras: Drug Enforcement Administration agents on helicopter gunships killed up to six innocent civilians more in Honduras in a drug raid gone bad.

Obama Decree Sanctions Any Who Challenge Rule of US-Backed Dictatorship in Yemen: President Obama signed an Executive Order on Wednesday threatening to exert economic sanctions against any person or group in Yemen or the United States who is "obstructing" implementation of the U.S.-backed political transition in Yemen.

Dueling Arms Shipments: Is Syria Becoming a Proxy War? Arms are flooding into Syria – from Iran and Russia to the Assad regime and from the U.S., Europe, and the Gulf Arab states to the rebel fighters – prolonging the conflict and preventing a peace deal.

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Angela Keaton will be speaking on techniques on how to speak to non-activists about the War at Porcfest, June 22nd. Porcfest is an annual gathering of peace and freedom lovers in Lancaster, NH.


For more information visit or call +1-323-512-7095. We can’t do this without you.

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  1. Nice to see some government officials taking the lead against this act of tyranny. Hopefully, if more of them follow suit and unite against NDAA, this unconstitutional piece of legislation will be struck down forever! There’s a good article that shows the opposition to NDAA and what people are doing about it: … Take a look sometime and get involved!

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