5 thoughts on “Vassal Defense: Propping Up Militaries Around the World”

  1. These document proves the fact that US is more after militarizing the regions in contact then democratization of the region. At the same time it also proves the fact that US and its aggressions toward nations in “context" is about US militarism regime and not what the regime is talking about “democracy”.

    In another word, US don't mind the US version of democracy as long as there is a military base involved defending "that democracy”, supporting that system that governs the US implemented – militarized democracy under the “circumstances". Now we know why US militarism regime is not leaving Japan, Germany, England, South Korea, Italy and etc. yet adding command center in Africa and more of country as in Libya.., is all about that circumstantial wording “democracy”…, Ahhh

  2. This modified comment says that Many Euro-American Politicians cannot resist the power of the Invisible Demons, because they Secretly Serve the Invisible Demons, while pretending to be Christians (Proverbs 11:9).

    Many Euro-American Politicians and their Puppets are glad to follow the suicidal orders to destroy the Planet, because the Real Rulers of much of this Planet are the Invisible Devil, and his Invisible Demons (Mark 5:1-19).

    God has given all rebels against Him, both visible Humans, and Invisible Rebel Angels time to prove that they can be a success without obeying the Laws of the God of the Bible, but not much time is left before Jesus kills the Satan and the Demons (Psalm 127:1, 2; Revelation 12:12).

    The Invisible Demons keep using Germany to Destroy Europe, even thorough it also always results in the Destruction of Germany, and this time it is the Euro Common Currency (Ecclesiastes 8:7-13).

    Satan and the Demons are Evil, and their Human Servants are Clinically Insane, even though they look normal and plausible, because the Invisible Demons give their Euro-American Secret Devil Worshipping Politicians, and their Puppet Politicians some excuses.

  3. The wise thing to do is to not waste time, and to have your own copy of the Bible, because Jesus is coming with Destructive Force to cleanse the land of its sinners.

    Those who obey God and have faith in His Son Jesus Christ will be granted Everlasting Life (Proverbs 21:30; Titus 1:2; 1 John 2:15-17).

  4. BeWise.., so what you are saying is that US and his allies looking for to start the WWIII with all they got in terms of manpower and military arsenals. Well, said man.

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