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This week’s top news:

Citing Potential ‘War Crimes’ UN Official Questions Legality of Drone War: UN special rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions has called on the Obama administration to justify the legal grounds of the drone war and said alleged "follow-up" strikes on rescuers, if true, would constitute war crimes.

CIA Funneling Arms to Syrian Rebels Through Turkey: The CIA has officers secretly operating in southern Turkey, helping allies to funnel arms to Syrian opposition fighters, some with ties to al-Qaeda, in a dangerous pursuit of regime change that is exacerbating the conflict.

Iran Detects ‘Massive Cyber Attack’ After Failed Moscow Talks: Iranian officials say they have detected a planned "massive cyber attack" against its nuclear facilities from the US, Britain, and Israel just days after talks with world powers failed to reach a settlement on Iran’s nuclear program.

US Plans to Surge Military Presence Across Middle East: In the wake of being forced out of Iraq, Washington is planning to maintain a significant military presence in the Middle East going forward in order to maintain hegemony over the region, according to a new congressional report.

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    Shrugging and saying, "It's not us…it's Epic and their UE engine" is so shoddy. Is it also the fault of UE that the original beta of APB only supported keyboard input for car control? Was that ever fixed? Heaven forbid players be allowed to use a mouse or a game controller to have better driving interfaces.
    Racing already done by RTW? Really? I don't think RTW ever mentioned working on any dedicated race district that was not already Financial or Waterfront? All they mentioned was to add a race mechanic to existing districts. It seems G1 is working on something completely different based on their blog and forum posts more akin to Death Race 3000 with something new and dedicated. For the Asylum no idea what they have reused. I presume we will have to wait and see. And it seems G1 is paying plenty of homage to RTW (like in the intro video where it says "Realtime Worlds in memoriam 2002-2010" ), but G1 clearly deserves the credit for reworking the game into something that actually WORKS.

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