Video Leak: US Attack Helicopter Kills Farmers While Pilot Sings

With apologies to Don McLean:

A new video from LiveLeaks shows an AH64 Apache attack helicopter targeting farmers in the Wardak Province, Afghanistan while they were planting poppy seeds. The pilot cheerfully sings a little tune after firing a Hellfire missile at them.

It’s unclear where the new video came from, but it will draw inevitable comparisons to another video leaked in 2010, which showed Apache helicopters massacring civilians in metro Baghdad.

71 thoughts on “Video Leak: US Attack Helicopter Kills Farmers While Pilot Sings”

  1. Time on vid is 1820ish. That's about midnight local time. Two killers are planting an IED in Theodore of the road. The pilots watch from a distance. Get confirmation and kill them. It's a damn war. One side tries to kill the other and gets beat before he has a chance. Anybody who believes the innocent farmer planting in the road story is an idiot. As far as singing, everybody has different ways of dealing with the stress of what they are asked or ordered to do.

  2. Does no one realize that not a single other source said that they were farmers, and in fact many other sources said that they were insurgents?

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