Did US Marines Die Protecting Prince Harry?

Two US Marines were killed yesterday protecting a US-British base complex in Helmland Province of Afghanistan.

Prince Harry is currently assigned to the British portion of the base and serves as a helicopter pilot. His presence at the base was revealed last week.

Many believe that Prince Harry was the target of the attack.

The Taliban reportedly issued a statement proclaiming Harry as a “high-value target.”

Tory MP Colonel Bob Stewart, a former commander of British troops in Bosnia, said he did not think the Prince should be pulled out of Afghanistan because of the Taliban. “To hell with them,” he said. “Harry wants to go there and our soldiers want him there. He should stay.”

Did the two US Marines die to protect Prince Harry? If this was, in fact, one of the reasons for the attack, then the undeniable answer is yes.

2 thoughts on “Did US Marines Die Protecting Prince Harry?”

    1. Noone should be dying, least of all the Afghans. We should get the hell out of there (and if necessary rendition every CEO using the military's presence there for personal or corporate gain).

    2. Who gives a sh*t, really? NOBODY would be dying if the them and the us and the other guy weren't invading another people's land. PERIOD!

  1. Two yeoman lay down their lives in service of their liege-lord. More things change, the more they stay the same.

  2. I think the US Marines died because (… long causal chain …) the Phenicians lost in their contest with Rome about who would be the next Mediterranean power?

  3. they were there to defend that base. If in doing that they protected a British helo pilate so be it. A prince nice tale for their surviving family. Good reason 4 britt gratitude.

  4. US Marines die. Not to be insensitive but, that is their job. The pawns are always sacrificed first. Even in the Afghaniscam.

  5. I hope not to hurt anyones feelings but our Marines died because of a lousy perimeter defense. The reports state that the Taliban slipped into the base through a poorly guarded perimeter and then had the time to launch multiple attacks against buildings and aircraft. I doubt if they had the time to go looking for a red headed Brit.

  6. They died because they wen to fight in Afghanistan after we turned it into a warzone, oh yea when Is that “freedom” we were supposed to b handing out going to arrive?

  7. The Marines died because they were there. Their country sent them. The Brits are there riding pillion for the USA, as described by experts from Chatham House. Neither the Marines, the Brits, the Taliban or countless civilians would have died in the last 10 plus years if the coalition forces weren't there. The sooner the occupying forces leave the better, perhaps nine years ago would have been best.

  8. Who gives a sh*t? Seriously! It's not enough that we are supporting Isreal's ill-fated crusades, allowing them to occupy the US, control its foreign policy and destiny but now, we have to protect the royals of the Britain, the very same lot that we supposedly fought against and liberated ourselves from hundreds of years ago. WTF? Can things get any more bizarre?

  9. Unfortunately, very few in America care anymore about those who die in these never-ending, pointless and bankrupting wars..

  10. Millions of Americans are in a deep economic despair struggling to survive by any means possible. The cost of the lost wars are destroying America and nothing is going to change.

  11. Would it have been more acceptable had two Royal Marines (the USMC's British counterparts) been killed?

  12. Harry was running around naked in Vegas not long ago.

    Now two fine US Marines are dead.

    This does not sit well with me.

    But regardless, it is what it is. How many have died, Iraq, Afghanistan … on all sides?

  13. Getting killed as a mercenary for the Empire is part of the job they volunteered for. It was as true for the British Empire as it is for the American. How many Americans will die for greater Israel? Both parties are willing to kill as many Americans as Bibi demands.

  14. When one of the attackers, we're told killed himself to blow an access hole in the protective fencing I'm inclined to think that getting onto the base was a prime objective. Secondarily we should believe that being unable to locate Harry among the thousands of Brits Yanks and ANA based there, the Taliban took out 6 Harrier strike fighters and a number of other aircraft as a 'secondary' target?

    Tactically speaking, a Harrier is worth more than a prince, anyday.

  15. your résumé. You do if Ambassador to Saudi Arabia means what doing the "important work" needed under current policies

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