‘Living Under Drones’ Report Interviews Victims in Pakistan

A new report from the Stanford and NYU schools of law has found that the US drone war in Pakistan is “counterproductive” and “terrorizes” the civilian population. Read the report here. See this video below accompanying the release of the report.

Update: The Independent has posted testimonies from Pakistani locals suffering from the drone war:

“The villagers brought us the news.”

Khairullah Jan, whose brother was killed in a drone attack.

“I was … going to my house. That’s when I heard a drone strike and I felt something in my heart. I thought something had happened, but we didn’t get to know until the next day. That’s when all the villagers came and brought us news that [my brother] had been [killed]… I was drinking tea when I found out. [My] entire family was there.”

“My father’s body was scattered in pieces.”

Waleed Shiraz, who was studying for a BA before he was injured by a strike.

“My father was asleep … and I was studying near by … [When we got hit], [my] father’s body was scattered in pieces and he died immediately, but I was unconscious for three to four days … [Since then], I am disabled. My legs have become so weak and skinny that I am not able to walk.”

“Children, women, they are all affected.”

Firoz Ali Khan, a shopkeeper in the town of Miranshah.

“I have been seeing drones since the first one appeared about four to five years ago … [We see drones] hovering [24 hours a day but] we don’t know when they will strike … People are afraid of dying … Children, women, they are all psychologically affected. They look at the sky to see if there are drones… [They] make such a noise that everyone is scared.”

8 thoughts on “‘Living Under Drones’ Report Interviews Victims in Pakistan”

  1. Would those who launch drones with reckless abandon just for a moment recall the terror attributed to the Nazi "Buzz-Bombs" of WWII? These indiscriminate weapons punish the general population and have little or nor effect on our adversary. If the strategy is to terrorize the general population…than our drone program is a success. If, however, our mission is to win hearts and minds in Pakistan/Aghanistan then the program is a dismal failure.
    It is time to re-assess our foreign policy and change from beligerent to friend. Murdering innocent civilians caught in the proverbial crossfire is no way to foster relations and cooperation amongst other nations with whom we have discourse.

    1. It has never been the mission of the US military to 'win the hearts and minds' of anybody. Their mission is to terrorize people into submission. Their hearts and minds do not matter. The people whose hearts and minds matter can easily be bought off by shows such as 'Dancing with the stars' or 'American Idol'. 'Bread and circuses' as they used to say in Rome.

      1. … Also by generating appropriate amount of hate for 'others' and scaring them with boogeymen and goblins.

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