One thought on “Grandfather Awlaki Speaks Out”

    1. interestingly Amanpour

      a tainted but acclaimed "journalist" never heard of the underwear bomber as just another FBI stooge. But hey if the Obomber can grovel to neocolonial masters, so can Amanpour. THAT is the context of this false recitation of official propaganda. And bravo to all noble fathers who seek redress of their family's assassination and do it with such grace

  1. He loves America but his son turns out to be a Islamic Terror Mutt who advocates the murder of Americans and the destruction of the West and is the propaganda mouth piece for Al Qaeda….?

    1. Uh-huh. And as everyone knows, if you don't love America, America hates you. The rest just follows. Free Speech is the new Terror. But apparently you're already on that page with Obama and the Killer Authoritarians.

  2. It always amazes me that none of these reports mention that Anwar al-Awlaki was arrested after he returned to Yemen and spent a year or two in a Yemeni prison, at the request of the US government, according to him. He DID change after that, as anyone might after spending time in a Yemeni prison. His lectures were very popular among very English-speaking Muslims before that, and people were surprised to see what he was saying after that time in jail.

    As for his son, it's absurd for anyone to even imply that there was any justification for killing him.

  3. The worlds poulations have no choice other than to complain or support their nations actions as individuals for they have no “rational collective thoughts ” in how , and to a vast extent even in an elective form of government, “who” manages that government.
    The vast majority of those living today in
    primarily eurocentric and the eurocentric mentality of what are called emerging nations, do not concider the past as any means to predict their futures outside of monetary conciderations.
    Nationalism is easy to express but takes no real sacrifice or has any bearing of discomfort upon a polulace.
    Within those euro centrics you have a system of managed poverty that like its foreignpolicy initiatives once again requires no sacrifice or discomfort upon the majority of the populace.
    The conduct of the poor, even those who realize that through no fault of their own they are and will always remain impoverished, react in peer or self destructive activitys ; Once again causing no or very little discomfort to majority of fellow citizens.
    We accept what our governments say about terrorist and why a “few” terrorist are come about more or less because of some form of dementia.
    This acceptance is so ingrained in our psyche we now accept that those sworn to prtect abide by no laws but their own and accept that what was used upon largely unknown non native populations now can and will be used upon peoples within our own nation.
    Where as “citizenship” once allowed exemptions from such things as assassination or disapearnce by rendition those exemptions no longer exist.
    Relegating all people of world to one common denominator, they’re worth to an economic system.qwt

  4. There really needs to be a reliable, consistent counter-news source who has the confidence and trust of US victim nations to get the straight scoop from their point of view. SEE

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  8. This kind of deaths are really disheartening. Innocent people were killed. I hope that justice be served so that the souls of the victims may rest in peace. It is good that Mr. Awlaki has filed a lawsuit.

  9. your résumé. You do if Ambassador to Saudi Arabia means what doing the "important work" needed under current policies

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