Israel Forced Birth Control on Ethiopian Women Without Their Consent

From The Independent:

Israel has admitted for the first time that it has been giving Ethiopian Jewish immigrants birth-control injections, often without their knowledge or consent.

According to Haaretz, “while the women were still in transit camps in Ethiopia they were sometimes intimidated or threatened into taking the injection.”

“They told us they are inoculations,” said one of the women interviewed. “They told us people who frequently give birth suffer. We took it every three months. We said we didn’t want to.”

“We said we won’t have the shot,” recounted another woman. “They told us, if you don’t you won’t go to Israel.”

“The injections given to Ethiopian women are part and parcel of the overall Israeli attitude toward this wave of immigrants,” said one Haaretz Op-Ed writer.

See Justin Raimondo’s recent column on Israel’s treatment of black Jewish immigrants.

15 thoughts on “Israel Forced Birth Control on Ethiopian Women Without Their Consent”

  1. If these Ethiopian women were sneaking into Israel with the premeditated intent to impose themselves upon the tax paying native residents by parasitically taking advantage of social entitlement programs and forcing the tax payers to subsidize their offspring, medical expenses, housing and living expenses, then I say the Israeli government has every right to take steps to prevent that from happening.

    Look, Justin. This third world invasion of first and second world status nations by millions of desperate and needy aliens cannot possibly turn out well for the sovereignty, financial and cultural cohesion, stability and long term survival of the nations who've tried to rise above the level of third world stature. All this will accomplish is to transfer the overwhelming poverty, disease, famine and misery from the third world to the first and second world, which will destroy the first and second world. This is Camp of the Saints on steroids – and the people inside first and second world nations have every right to not want to have their nations overwhelmed and destroyed by these third world invaders.

    Look at it this way. If you were on a lifeboat that had a maximum carrying capacity of 25 people and adding a 26th individual would capsize the lifeboat and drown all 26 people – what would your decision be, when a few dozen people in the water were all attempting to climb onto your lifeboat?

    Life is full of tough and hard decisions, people. Destroying the entire world to save the least capable elements in that world is something that only a brainless liberal would be dumb enough to promote.

    1. Nobody has the right to impose those kind of limitations on a person' life. What if someone told you they were going to chop your sack because they believed you weren't rightfully a citizen ? It's a fight you'd probably want to argue.., but why would this be necessary if your rights weren't infringed upon as a human being.

    2. But it is Zionists and their fellow travelers who want this for America. What a pack of devious phonies.

      1. You are exactly right, Andy. And, it is not only America – a historic White European nation that this tribe is trying to obliterate using the toxic weapon of mass multiculturalism. They are behind this same effort to destroy ALL historic White European nations all over the planet.

        Having said that, I still support the right of all racial and ethnic groups to wish to preserve their unchallenged dominance and control over their historic homelands. I wish to be consistent in my belief on this all-important matter,. and acknowledge the hypocrisy and double standard of the Israelis and of the 5th columns of their tribe who are busy trying to destroy all White European nations.

        1. I love it: "America – a historic White European nation " … how cluelessly moronic. You do realize that white people are non-natives to this land, yes? And that the actual indigenous peoples of the continent were forced out by stravation, disease, and war?

          Secondly, there's a big difference between not letting new immigrants in (for whatever reason) and forcibly and without informing them sterilizing them!!!!

          1. Europeans are about as native to America as Israelis are to Palestine. Canaan for the Canaanites!!!!!!!!!

    3. Figures that a Paleocon would eventually come along and submit their approval of this sick measure

        1. Its pathetic, anyone who supports real liberty would be rightfully disgusted and appalled by any nation who would do such a thing. Obviously though as several libertarians have pointed out like the liberal left and the neoconservative right, the paleoconservative right isn't about liberty it's about their own brand of statism being the laws. While some people just need to correct information and education to be shown liberty there are others who will never change their thinking.

    4. Are you for real ?

      No one … is justified in imposing their will on reproductive choices of others .

      You disgust me Sir . It is time to have your mental health checked .

      1. Is it your view that people – regardless of race – who are without the financial resources to pay for their own medical care, personal needs, and upkeep – have some kind of ordained right, some kind of magical and unbreakable lien on the financial resources of others, some kind of claim of ownership and entitlement to the sweat of another man or woman's brow – for perpetuity?

        That such people have a legitimate right to irresponsibility reproduce without restraint or without the exercise of the tiniest bit of self-discipline and then demand that their neighbors be forced to subsidize their irresponsible and parasitic behavior?

        If you are the owner of a dictionary, Mr. MarketingFile – do the words 'personal responsibility' appear anywhere within it's pages?

        1. Oh Tim ….

          Lets examine your argument .

          Personal responsibility is not the issue ; besides the fact that eve if it was the issue no nation state has the right to impose genocidal and racist policies .

          The actual issue at hand is that a racist occupying force is subjecting immigrants to a unwilling sterilization . This falls under the title of Genocide by covert means .

          Now – let take out that dictionary you are so excited about and look up " apartheid " and "genocide" .

    5. If only the parasite nation of Isra-Hell would support itself,
      Instead of being a welfare state supported by the USA

    6. These were Ethiopian Jews who, per Zionist law, are entitled to live in Israel. Birth-right and all. Jews in, non-Jews out.

      Note that the ashkenazis who have flocked in from Russia were not sterilized.

    7. I got to admit there is some logic in your concluding paragraph.

      We better destory Israel and asap before they destroy the entire world

  2. Didn't the Nazis forcibly sterilize Jews and others? I imagine they also made very similar aguments to the one I just read above…

      1. I assume that you have already filed the necessary paperwork and volunteered to sponsor a half dozen or so of these pregnant Ethiopian females and have them brought into your home, where you will graciously assume full financial responsibility for their welfare?

        1. First off, how the hell do you "know" that they can't take care of themselves? Racist much?


        2. Tim – Right on . I have and I can proof it .

          My government i.e. U.S. Government has given that little state billions of dollars in aid over the decades . Those American dollar received from my follow citizen were not designated for Israel to conduct racist policies …

        3. Israel is nothing but a parasite that could not last ten minutes without support from the USA…we are already paying for all of you @$$es

        4. It was Israel that declared itself a theocratic Jewish state, and declared itself the homeland for the Jewish people. Now the racists there are shocked to discover there were Jews in the world that didn't look like them. What a bunch of hypocritical fools. If I knew what a petard was, I'd be laughing people being hoisted on theirs.

  3. Why do they want to crank out kids ? The world isn't a great place to be any more, what with human beings trying to have mastery over everything.

  4. Tim blithered, “Is it your view that people – regardless of race – who are without the financial resources to pay for their own medical care, personal needs, and upkeep – have some kind of ordained right, some kind of magical and unbreakable lien on the financial resources of others, some kind of claim of ownership and entitlement to the sweat of another man or woman’s brow – for perpetuity?”

    Yawn. The most oppressive “ordained right” in the world right now is private ownership of land in the absence of a high land value tax. Landowners are the real class of people with a ” magical and unbreakable lien on the financial resources of others, some kind of claim of ownership and entitlement to the sweat of another man or woman’s brow – for perpetuity”. Google “royal libertarian” for details.

  5. Those who read the story at the Independent link are aware that these women are Ethiopian JEWS, not just flotsom from Africa being washed up on Israel's borders. According to Israel, ALL Jews worldwide have always been welcome in the 'Jewish homeland.'

    Apparently though, all Jews are NOT created equal.

  6. watson, well said!Did this happen to the jews from comunist u.s.s.r ?I think not. Absolutley disgusting.

  7. Is there a more hypocrital and disgusting nation on earth?
    When will America stop supporting this disgusting, racist pariah state?

  8. AAAwwww…. Our No. 1 Welfare Queen acting badly…???? Say it ain't so… Again & …again.. and again….

  9. The people who scream the loudest for open American borders and welfare for fecund non-White illegals are the same people who label anyone the least bit critical of Israeli Racism antisemites. These people hate White Christian America. What Israel is doing to these women is Genocide under the UN Convention, as it what Israel's advocates are implementing here in the US of A. Zionism is Racism. Its adherents are Racist in Israel and America. There their targets are Arabs and Blacks, here, the White Christain stock that founded this nation and made it great.

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  11. The perpetrators of this heinous act are inhumane cretins. Be careful Isreal you may be on the road to doing to others, what the Germans did unto you.

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