TSA Holds Up Oscar Nominated Palestinian at LAX

Oscar-nominated Palestinian director Emad Burnat was stopped at LAX on Wednesday for…uh, being Palestinian, it seems? The TSA took temporary custody of him and his family in an isolated room and refused to let him use his cellphone. They wouldn’t believe he was nominated for an Oscar.

6 thoughts on “TSA Holds Up Oscar Nominated Palestinian at LAX”

  1. TSA.., som of them must be some of those 99% who thinks that education is wrongfully educating people.

  2. Was he detained on his way in or out of the country?

    "….They wouldn’t believe he was nominated for an Oscar…."
    What does this mean? Does that make one exempt from the TSA harangues?

  3. The TSA is the best place to start cutting govt. spending. TSA is vulgarly expensive program meant to appease the U.S. public, but it has turned out to be a criminally incompetent agency staffed by ill trained dregs of society who bully and harrass passengers because their new found power gives them what they see as a chance to get back at "the world," which has oppressed and denied them. These thugs receive a perverse pleasure, a feeling of having from from the "bottom" to a position where they can extract a bit of revenge. All in all, TSA is a rogue govt entity, and the two leaders should be fired, or preferably charged by the U.S. Attorney's Office with crimes of denying Americans their constitutional rights.

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