Sophisticated American Statecraft: Making Poor, Sick Iranian Civilians Suffer

From the beginning of the Obama administration’s savage economic sanctions on Iran, has been highlighting the humanitarian costs of such policies. The sanctions are not only undermining the Iranian economy in the form of high unemployment, inflation, etc. They are also blocking the import of vital medicines for millions of sick Iranians who desperately need treatment for conditions like cancer, hemophilia, multiple sclerosis, and others.

This is the sophisticated tool Washington has employed to “solve” the (invented) Iranian problem: making impoverished, sick civilians suffer.

If you can bear it, disregard the extreme war propaganda at the beginning of this ABC News clip and see the faces of Iranians at the pharmacy being told they can’t medicate their cancer-stricken loved ones.

Amazingly, this joke of a journalist places the blame on Iran’s Supreme Leader. He made his way all the way over to Tehran and managed to report the exact opposite of the truth, that Iranians are suffering because of their own government’s intransigence on the nuclear issue. That –  quite clearly – is simply untrue.

4 thoughts on “Sophisticated American Statecraft: Making Poor, Sick Iranian Civilians Suffer”

  1. That's how vulture capitalism spell "democracy" wanting to gain heart and minds of people by starving them.., killing helpless poor's and sick or start a war with those who are against us and EU imperialistic agendas. That's a "democracy" invented by an modernized liberal fascism that willing to prove it to you by starting another war..,

  2. Obama's sanctions are appalling. Americans should be outraged at the evil being perpetrated in their name, but most either don't care or support the policy based on misinformation.

    Meanwhile, millions of innocent Iranians suffer needlessly. These are war crimes. Does anyone in the mainstream media have the guts to state this undeniable fact?

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