The US Perpetrates a Boston Bombing Weekly in Pakistan, Yemen & Afghanistan

Tribesmen sit with Sadaullah Khan, who lost both legs and one eye in a 2009 drone strike on his house (Reuters)
Sadaullah Khan lost both legs and one eye in a 2009 drone strike on his house (Reuters)

The Boston Bombings left three dead and more than 100 injured and some have suggested circumventing the rule of law to prosecute the perpetrator. Yet, in Pakistan the unconstitutional drone war continues to kill innocents. On April 14, between 4 and 6 Pakistanis died in drone strike and numerous civilians were injured. Another strike three days later killed 5 more and injured several. Yet there are no protests in America to capture the responsible party, nor will there ever be justice. The people of Waziristan live in constant fear, and face bombings like that of Boston almost weekly.

The two April strikes both involved significant amounts of terror, with drones “hovering over the area” for long periods of time, according to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism. These drone strikes, contrary to administration claims, rarely target “high-level” members of terrorist organizations, and often “militants” include young boys aged 10-16.

Only recently have we begun to learn of the shady covert drone war. Mark Mazzeti’s recent The Way of the Knifedetails the beginning: the United States became the lapdog of the Pakistani government, performing a drone strike to kill Nek Muhammed in exchange for access to the airspace.

While the government acknowledges that trials would be preferable for the rule of law, this heavily redacted report gives the true reason for the targeted killing program: it’s cleaner, simpler and less embarrassing to just off the suspected terrorists. The government uses mafia logic – why waste time and energy risking the rule of law when you can just swoop in and launch a smart bomb?

Farea al-Muslimini testified this week to United State Senate about the “psychological fear and terror” that his village faces daily after a recent drone strike. He argues that while the strike may be cleaner for the United States government, on the ground it leaves significant psychological scarring. He said,“The drone strike [in my village] and its impact tore my heart, much as the tragic bombings in Boston last week tore your hearts and also mine.”

While we mourn the horrific events in Boston, we must remember that our government perpetrates a Boston bombing weekly in Pakistan, Yemen and Afghanistan.

Sean McElwee has previously written for The Day and The Norwich Bulletin and on and He is a writer for The Moderate Voice.

6 thoughts on “The US Perpetrates a Boston Bombing Weekly in Pakistan, Yemen & Afghanistan”

  1. These drones are part of the USA militarism supremacy terrifying people around the world.., at home is to rise the surveillance and for now to scare people for what the system been warned that it well happen.., butter real action is for later in time for SS knock on your door wanting to "question" you about your neighbors.

  2. The United States and especially Obama are exceptionalists. They have the belief that every country in the world must adhere to the Geneva Convention as well as International Law EXCEPT Obama and the United States and they can do whatever they want without being challenged.
    The American people mourn the deaths in Boston but does the American news even mention the
    hundreds of women and children killed and maimed by Obama every day…NO..
    It is time the people of America learn about karma…they will reap what they sow.
    Now it seems that they are getting a taste of what they perpetuate on the world every day.
    Bet they don't like the feeling but statistics prove this will happen again and will continue
    unless the United States and Obama change their foreign policies.

    1. dear doc…

      you forgot to mention that Israel also is way above the law…

      having terrorized people off the land they now employ the most hienious acts to keep pushing them out…..all with US gov approval

  3. You can only bleat like a lost sheep your "president" can order your death if he thinks you are a threat.

  4. To compare that bomb in Boston to a missle coming off a drone is a big distortion. But I do get your point lol. But hell fire missles sure do alot more damage than pressure cooker bomb.

  5. The criteria for what the United States considers a suspect also needs examination. Any man, woman or child in certain regions is basically considered a suspect. For example, can you tell the age or sex of people from a moving camera mounted so high above? So anyone that moves inside a secretly designated kill zone is a suspect.

    That's significant. However, the question also arises, as it did at the recent hearings, as to why the US doesn't simply arrest suspects instead of making these drone attacks that risk killing innocents. The answer to that is twofold:

    1. Refer to my first paragraph. Often, the US doesn't know the identity of its targets. However,
    2. In most cases when the US knows the identity of its target, the US does no have enough evidence to bring formal charges against that target as a suspect in any crime. In which case, the US simply assassinates the individual, and naturally that means not only killing someone who is essentially innocent, but the nature of these bombs mean that often several innocents are injured or killed.

    The US is detaining many people indefinitely, without charge in Parwan and Guantanamo. All that changed between the Bush and Obama administrations is that where Bush abducted innocent people and held them without charge, Obama simply assassinates innocents.

  6. lest we forget on the day of the boston bombing 75 people were blown to bits in iraq in further sectarian violence. the cause: 2003 u.s. invasion. america! the awesomeness continues.

    u-s-a u-s-a…

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  9. To the hawkiest of hawks in Congress, the failure to pin Manning with that most serious charge is a downer. But South Carolina Sen. Lindsay Graham (R) told Slate‘s Dave Weigel that everything seems to have worked out pretty well.

  10. To the hawkiest of hawks in Congress, the failure to pin Manning with that most serious charge is a downer. But South Carolina Sen. Lindsay Graham (R) told Slatea??s Dave Weigel that everything seems to have worked out pretty well.

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