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This week’s top news:

US: Syria Likely Used Chemical Weapons on ‘Small Scale’: After claims from an Israeli military source, the US now says there is intelligence suggesting with "varying degrees of confidence" chemical weapons were used on a small scale in Syria, crossing Obama’s "red line."

Drone War ‘Terrorizes’ Yemenis, Expert Tells Senate Committee: The Obama administration’s drone war in Yemen "terrorizes" the local population, kills civilians regularly, and helps al-Qaeda recruit new members by sowing anti-American sentiment, according to testimony from a Yemeni activist in a Senate hearing on Tuesday.

Iran: Ready for More Nuclear Talks With P5+1: Iran’s deputy nuclear negotiator Ali Baqeri says that Iran is ready and willing for a new round of nuclear talks with the P5+1, reiterating hopes for substantive negotiations.

Attacks Grow in Iraq, Over 200 Killed in Three Days: A particularly ugly crackdown by Iraqi troops against Sunni protesters in Hawija on Tuesday has started a new round of sectarian fighting in the nation’s north, with fighting in Mosul erupting overnight on Wednesday and continuing into Thursday, killing nearly 50 more.

US Claims ‘Improvement,’ But Stats Show Afghan Violence Worsening: US officials are still bound and determined to claim "progress" in the Afghan occupation, and 11 and a half years in Gen. Joseph Dunford insisted that the insurgency has "lost its relevancy" in Afghanistan as security improvements are becoming more evident.

Opinion and Analysis:

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