In Bahrain, Ongoing Torture and Repression Supported by the US

One thought on “In Bahrain, Ongoing Torture and Repression Supported by the US”

  1. well spoken . but i dont think the dictators in bahrain will become accountable or responsible . the people need to fight for their freedom. hope fully someone can start smuggling weapons in and the people need top fight for their freedom

  2. As a Bahraini who supports those uprisings, I am of the opinion that most of us do not want weapons. Civilians are not allowed weapons in Bahrain. We prefer to have peaceful marches. The regime is armed by the USA and few guns in the hands of civilians will surely make us look bad. I believe I speak for majority of Bahrainis. The US must put pressure on its allies since they are the ones who supply them with weapons and have the 5th Fleet stationed there. They only need to make a threat of pulling the plug on supporting the regime. It doesn't bode well for US image to support dictators. Thanks.

  3. More than 80 Percent Bahraini majority want their country liberated. They have been protesting daily since more than 35 Months peacefully while in Syria Terrorists are blowing up buildings and killing/beheading innocents still western power support them and Bahrani dictator who is hated by majority while President of Syria has support of majority.

  4. There is a confusion here. Bahrain is a liberated country, but what is needed is democracy. At the present political crisis arming the protesters with weapons will result sectarian conflict as we are witnessing in Syria.Weapons will not bring democracy. The religious leaders so called sheiks, Ali Salman and Issa Qassim and some Sunni clerks should leave political stage and give way to secular individuals who can negotiate with the incumbent government for possible political solution.It is easy to observe that the protests in the Arab world is slowly morphing into sectarian conflict. The Bahrain case is no different.My suggestion is keep away from thinking of weapons but go for a peaceful demonstrations and disown sectarianism.All rallies should include Sunnis and Shias.

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