You’re Being Watched

Last night news broke that a FISA court granted the NSA an insanely broad warrant for literally every single call made by Verizon customers over a several month period.Tens of millions of phone calls.

It gets worse.

Apparently even though FISA judges are essentially just empty robes with a giant rubber-stamp attached, going to see them every time they wanted to spy on somebody was getting inconvenient for the NSA – mostly because that “somebody” was literally everybody, everywhere, for all time.

Enter PRISM, the Orwellian scheme which apparently began in 2007 with an NSA deal with Microsoft. Under the deal Microsoft allowed the NSA to directly access the personal data of Microsoft’s customers. Like, all of them.

And like any really, really bad idea it grew precipitously. Yahoo jumped on board in 2008. Google and Facebook joined in 2009. Skype, Youtube, AOL, and finally Apple this year.

What you search, what you browse, what you download. Every AIM chat, every VOIP phone call, every time you logged into any service with any of these companies, or made any Social Networking connections, the NSA was in the know.

It all sounds like a bad novel or some goofy conspiracy theory, but this is just the plain, undeniable facts, as presented to new NSA employees in a PowerPoint presentation (which has since been leaked). The presentation was apparently meant to get new hires up to speed on what they could expect in the way of cooperation when spying on Americans.

The answer is absolute, unfettered access to virtually everything done within the purview of any of the major US internet companies, with no questions asked.

Congress cheerfully defended the horrific abuse of privacy that was the FISA-Verizon fiasco – presumably we won’t be able to expect any better out of them after this.

14 thoughts on “You’re Being Watched”

  1. I just don't understand why there is no outrage over all this, just don't get it.

  2. "If tyranny and oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy" – James Madison

    1. … he lifted that from the Iroquois League when they formed the Confederacy in response to colonization.


  3. that’s it. i’m done. have been working in red china for
    the past few years. liberty and democracy are growing
    slowly here, but the trend is for more freedom. i guess
    america has outsourced that as well. i’ll be staying here.
    not only freedom, but hard currency as well. good luck.

  4. Listening to people calling into the CSPAN show "Washington Journal" this morning it became obvious that most people in this country are stupid. They truly believe that if you have nothing to hide where is the problem, after all "We need to fight the terrorists" . They can never even imagine that one day whatever it is they believe in, be it gun rights, the environment, religion etc, could be linked to terrorism. This sentiment seems to be shared by the public, many news commentators, and of course our beloved public officials. It's so pathetic.

    1. "…obvious that most people in this country are stupid." There's a reason why FOX Noise's viewer ratings are so high…and why people like Michele Bachmann and Louis Gohmert and Alan West get elected… it's because an alarming number of people prefer to be led and told what to believe and how to think. It's so much easier not to be different that those around them.

  5. "Under the deal Microsoft allowed the NSA to directly access the personal data of Microsoft’s customers." – This is really bad and I hope that they respect and follow the code of ethics in security issues of every people's personal information that has being shared online.

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