The South China Morning Post is reporting:

“Edward Snowden has left Hong Kong and is due to arrive in Moscow by this evening, the South China Morning Post can confirm.

“The former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor, who was last known to be hiding in Hong Kong, took off from city’s airport at 10.55am on Sunday morning was en route to Moscow’s Shermetyevo International Airport. He scheduled to arrive at 5.15pm.

“The Post was able to confirm that Snowden had been on an Aeroflot SU213 flight and headed to Moscow. Moscow will not be his final destination. Possible final destinations are either Iceland and [sic] Ecuador, according to previous media reports.”

If true, this means Snowden has successfully evaded the authorities, although he is not quite yet home free. I can hear the howls of rage coming from Washington even as I write this — music to my ears.


  1. Tells you something about the state of the world when an honest man flees to China and then Russia to evade the Western Regime.

    1. Maybe it is time to re-evaluate the cliched opinions of China and Russia put out by the elites of the NYT, New Yorker and NPR. They are truly sovereign as is Iran. Whatever else you may think of them, they have achieved sovereignty – and in some ways that is a precondition for all else.

      1. Yes. That IS the problem.

        Trust me. I've done the research just as Raimondo has, and have found much of the western commentary & news on Russia outrageous and VERY exaggerated. I love how they're always predicting eminent economic doom the more powerful Russia becomes. Since Putin came to power in 2000, the GDP has gone from 200 billion to 2.5 trillion and wages have gone up from $80 to over $900 a month today & they have a trade surplus and huge reserves of cash. If any politician in America could claim a record like that, no one would bother running against him.

        No wonder he's very popular there and they keep electing him. These are easy to find facts, yet, I don't think I've ever heard this brought up or discussed in the western news-cycle.

  2. even if his flight is direct, makes no stops, there’s still
    the chance mr (i have a drone!) obama will blow yet another
    civilian airliner out of the skies. haha, just kidding!

    we all know:
    1. ‘merkans are god-fearin’ and peace a’lovin’
    2. ‘merkan presidents don’t have the power to assassinate
    fellow ‘merkan citizens. especially without a trial
    3. ‘merkans always obey international laws
    4. the collateral damage would be unacceptable

  3. Tears in my eyes

    As a father of two sons…

    To see this young man take on the super powers of the world and leave them impotent at every turn

    And to see other nations stand down in the face of threats from the Bully of the world…

    very moving

    1. What corrections do you think the U.S. will make now the genie is out of the bottle?
      Hopefully by now they have learnt that they will have to respect/live better with their World Neighbours. The days of wielding the big stick is over; same as the reign of the big bully.
      Doomsday is here BIG BROTHER !!

  4. IMO he is quite foolish to go to either Iceland, definitely part of the West, i.e., a tributary to US/NATO, or to Venezuela, the utopia du jour of the pwogwessives, but a place where the CIA operates and whose present government came to power by a whisker thin margin.
    He would be very wise to stay in Russia which is genuinely sovereign whatever else you may think of it. And of course Putin seems to enjoy having Russia play the Ferocious Bear to China's Cuddly Panda.
    RT today has a copy of the statement of Hong Kong's refusal to honor the extradition request. It is dripping with mockery of the US government.
    The photocopy of the document is beautiful to behold.
    And now Germany is pissed off about the UK spying. Division of labor for Anglo-American Empire. US does Russia and Asia and UK does the EU "allies."

  5. Let's see, where should he go?
    United Kingdom = prison cell. France = prison cell. Sweden or Switzerland = not reliable. Saudi Arabia = prison cell or secret torture and death. China = apparently, a political hot potato. Russia = well, no prison cell.

  6. He'd better stay in Russia – Putin is the only one with the guts to protect him.
    Everyone else would sell out.

  7. "You don't know how lucky you are boy… Back in the US… Back in the US… Back in the USSR!"

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