Irish Politician: Stop ‘Slobbering Over’ Obama, the ‘War Criminal’

Via Matthew Feeney at Reason, Irish politician Clare Daly calls Obama a “war criminal” and asks if he’s going for the “hypocrite of the century award.”

6 thoughts on “Irish Politician: Stop ‘Slobbering Over’ Obama, the ‘War Criminal’”

  1. Clare's argument is in the bulls eye. I am not part of the "35 million" Irish in America the supports the liar Obama, so whatever the counter argument is about is an empty bucket. It has always made me sick how the Irish prop up all Irish American government officials and make a big deal out of ancestry just because of the root that they let dry up. Are we all such little people we have to put scum on a pedestal so we feel recognized by the world? Whatever Irish blood is in Obama and his wife is really orange. This woman has guts,her opponent has just barked up the wrong tree.

  2. Clare Daly should become prime minister of Ireland and withdraw from NATO & the EU. She knows the difference between Ehud Barack Obama and George Warmonger Bush is their parties.

  3. Beautifully done, Clare Daly. Greetings from Boston where my wife and I will host you anytime.

  4. My compliments to Clare Daly. She has O-Bomb-a pegged for exactly what he is.

  5. It's not just Obama. It's the entire money-media-military structure above and behind the latest front man for Organized Crime.

    Although it's plain to see that Obama relishes his stint as Chief Hitman for Washington, It affords him ample opportunity to race bait and christian bait to his wicked heart's content.

    Catch that little off the cuff christian baiting he casually tossed out there before freeloading a trip to Afirca to do what? Why more race baiting of course! Was is just too clever by a half of Obama to pronounce to all the christians that "he won't force churches to perform gay weddings."

    Obama promising not to force US christian churches to perform gay weddings is very much alike Obama promising not to force Syrian mosques to perform gay weddings after he has Assad killed…

    But we'd never see Obama baiting muslims would we?

    1. Actually, the people of North Dublin did not elect Daly to Ireland’s Parliament until 2011. Your fellow war criminal Obama, not the war criminal Bush, served as POTUS in 2011.

      Moreover, as a Libertarian, I oppose most of what Daly supports; however, as an anti-war Libertarian, I – unlike you and the entire aiding and abetting Left – will oppose war criminals regardless of party affiliation. Move on. Obama is the war criminal now, not Bush.

  6. Isn't it remarkable that you know you will never see any of our representatives or senators saying anything with this level of candor? Listening to this is like drinking cool water when you are dying of thirst.

  7. Well said Clare Daly. This bastard IS a war criminal and the Irish nation should be ashamed to have hosted this bastard along with his slobbering wife. Guantanamo Bay, torturing, maiming, murdering, droning innocent people, kill lists, and you Irish still lick the ass of the USA war machine – what fools you are ! If I were Irish I would hang my head in shame !!!

    1. Irish didn't really have any say. The G8 was in the North, British territory. I suspect Member Daly was far closer to the general Irish attitude than the ruling class view enunciated by the Taoiseach.

      1. The Irish lickass America – and question nothing of that vile nation's warmongering. A country which allowed rendition flights go through Shannon Airport – a shame on that country! The Irish bury their heads in the sand – watch how they react to being screwed by their own government – haven't even got the balls to protest as other decent Europeans. The Irish are not European – they are embarrassingly yankee-ised. Nauseating. Any ethically-minded Irish person leaves and goes to Europe, not moronsville USA.

  8. ENDA KENNY – SNIVELLING LICK-ARSE TO AMERICAN WAR CRIMINALS – YOU'RE THE DISGRACE !!!! ( He who dares to tell Clare Daly that she is a "disgrace" – you snivelling worm.)
    You haven't got the balls of Clare Daly – you have NO MORALS, NO ETHICS.

  9. Listening to the gentleman made me realize that there are Israeli owned Pols even in little Ireland

  10. so where is this righteous rhetoric going to lead

    are we headed into a pattyhearstblackpanther action where the desperation sets in. Will the neocon warcriminals stop and reflect on this endless spiral down. Ireland has been devastated by the hedgefund banksters, austerity drives and a generation of talented college graduates emigrating tearing families apart. You cannot put a spin on that level of mass suffering

  11. Ms. Daly and other patriotic MPs must find it utterly galling to have that hideous EU flag on the rostrum, even if it is in the "secondary" position (on the left). Along with them, I look forward to the day when that totalitarian banner is removed from the building, thrown on the ground outside and burned.

    1. Rather an EU flag any day than a USA flag. The Irish are NOT European – they are, for the most part, morons – like their owners : yankee war criminals. BURN THE USA FLAG.
      The "totalitarians" – you sad individual, Strider55 – are the Americans.

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  13. I've been staying in the US for what definitely feels like too long. It's very refreshing to hear some talented public speakers tell the truth about how fake the US is and what its war(s) were always only really about.

    The last church I attended was a Christian one local to my area, and I'm no extremist by any means — but I think Islamic women are sexy. They are like holiday gifts: You look at them and, with a healthy male level of sexual desire, as if you can't help it, "How do I open this? What is in this? Is this for me? How do I make this one only for me, as if I was no 'haram' at all?"

    The US was is totally repulsive. In every way, it is completely disgusting.

    How many people are disgusted? Really and truly:

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