Nationwide Vigils Against Syria Attack Monday Night: MoveOn and other groups are holding vigils tonight (Monday night) around the country.

So far, 217 gatherings are planned.

Find an event in your area here. To organize a vigil in your area, fill out this form.

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4 thoughts on “Nationwide Vigils Against Syria Attack Monday Night: MoveOn”

  1. I appreciate any and all efforts to stop this stupid war!

    But when I first saw the MoveOn vigil thing my thoughts were: how lame. Now in a sense a vigil accomplishes the same purpose as protest: to raise awareness. And since the American people are already opposed to this war, it's raising not just awareness but the level of interest and passion in opposition at this point, which is an extremely favorable position to be in compared to trying to raise awareness for some cause most people either don't care about or don't support.

    Still a vigil seems so passive, like it's so regretable we're lurching toward war. It's plenty regretable, but the focus should be: NO WAR! STOP THIS WAR! Not just mourning it as a done deal. Good for moveon for doing something, but I'm still getting the impression thier souls remain sold to the Democrats. Stop this WAR!!!

  2. that isn't what a vigil necessarily is. It can be a prayerful moment to pray for peace and promote love. Look at Pope Francis's prayer vigil for peace. Over 100,000 people showed up. It is a protest in a different form. To stop this war, it takes all types. In no way is mourning as a done deal.

  3. Even though the government has acknowledged that the secretive program has exceeded its legal limits, violating Americans’ Fourth Amendment constitutional rights, the Obama administration aggressively pushed for its full renewal.

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