Obama Waives Ban on Arming Terrorists So He Can Aid Syrian Rebels


The Obama administration promises over and over again they are only sending arms to secular, freedom-loving Syrian rebels, not those Islamic jihadists associated with terrorist groups like al-Qaeda.

If that’s true, then why was it necessary for the president to unilaterally waive the federal law prohibiting the supply of lethal aid to terrorist groups? The Washington Examiner:

President Obama waived a provision of federal law designed to prevent the supply of arms to terrorist groups to clear the way for the U.S. to provide military assistance to “vetted” opposition groups fighting Syrian dictator Bashar Assad.

Some elements of the Syrian opposition are associated with radical Islamic terrorist groups, including al Qaeda, which was responsible for the Sept. 11 attacks in New York, Washington, D.C., and Shanksville, Pa., in 2001. Assad’s regime is backed by Iran and Hezbollah.

The president, citing his authority under the Arms Export Control Act, announced today that he would “waive the prohibitions in sections 40 and 40A of the AECA related to such a transaction.”

Despite claims of a robust “vetting” process rebels must go through to be eligible for U.S. arms, Mother Jones reported last week that the process is shoddy and easily overcome by disparate rebel officers less concerned with Washington’s vetting process and looking to get as many arms as possible. Moreover, a recent study by the defense consultancy corporation IHS Jane’s found that nearly half of the approximately 100,000 rebel fighters are Islamist.

Current and former intelligence officials have repeatedly said it is next to impossible to control who gets arms that are sent into a chaotic civil war like Syria’s. And Representative Justin Amash (R-MI) noted last week that the Obama administration’s arming of Syrian rebels violates the law.

Not anymore, apparently. The president’s power to pick and choose which laws do and do not apply to his administration has succeeded in sweeping this legal problem under the rug. On the other hand, it’s not so great for PR if you have to exempt yourself from laws that ban support for terrorists.

17 thoughts on “Obama Waives Ban on Arming Terrorists So He Can Aid Syrian Rebels”

  1. Considering that Obama has "waived" most of the Constitution without a peep from anyone who might be able to do something about it, it's hardly surprising that he's now "waived" a mere statute. The American sheeple are getting what they deserve, good and hard, as H. L. Mencken put it.

    1. I've complained good and hard to my reps… Seeing as I've yet to get a response that pretty much tells me that they're either swamped with negative constituents or they simply don't give a damn.

      1. Call their local offices in your state and you will find real people. Any e-mails that you send to DC are grouped into a computer program, which then sends out an e-mail FORM LETTER. I really doubt if they read any of the e-mails that are sent. That's why it's important to continue to contact our members of Congress and insist that a vote be taken to authorize an attack against Syria. A roll call vote will put them all on record for the 2014 elections and beyond. A certain crushing defeat for an attack will also send a message to Obama and the warmonger crowd to STFU and stop trying to get an attack going just to save face.

  2. Here we go again. "Freedom fighters" "the enemy of my enemy" cadres, phalanxes, "factions" double speak, blood, death, "gaining ground" "regime change" blah blah blah.

  3. Justin Raimondo makes the perfect comparison between this and Raegan's illegal arming of Nicaraguan terrorist armies.

    We need to learn from the last time and, this time, impeach Obomber the war criminal and put him on trial.

    1. The very same group were visited and apprised by senator McCain few months back as freedom fighters. Off course they are "freedom fighters" in the eye of USG and some of their senators, as long as they (terrorizing) the Syrian people wanting to free them from their freedom of religious and expression, social and cultural freedom to become slaved by Saudis mercenaries feudalism and wicked regime.

      1. Terrorist can be changed to freedom fighter remember the KLA organ harvestors , so maybe the Syriuan liver eaters are only freedom fighters too . but I don't think they really are anything but terrorists .

    1. You are absolutely right. This POS war criminal president is much worst than the last POS war criminal president. And I'm sure they are both far worse than the next POS war criminal president we will be blessed with.

      Ah. I feel so much better knowing that this nightmare will be over in 3 more years just right before the next one starts.

      Pleasant dreams.

        1. Bush Sr., Bush Jr., Clinton, Obama, and all over their Advisers, Intelligence, and Administrative personnel that went along with it should be publically flogged and thrown in prison. Then free up all the people that don't belong in Prison for non-crimes, such as possession of drugs.

      1. This POS will be replaced by another POS of EITHER party. They're ALL POS with agendas.

  4. So Barack Obama has come out of the closet as a sponsor of terrorism. Isn't it time that Obama and the rest of the American regime be arrested for aiding terrorists like Al-Queda?

  5. What's the different, 50% of whatever the number of Syrian rebels are jihadist, they either have to compromise and cooperate in sharing the weapons sent to them by British or France or USA, or start fighting each other for more power, either way the Syrian war will continue and that's what USG is after, that's when a president war is not a lost war, that's when Saudis and UAE are satisfied and get something on their investment.

  6. At least Obama took the initiative to recognize who he is arming. He probably could have gotten away with just doing it. The part about Section 4 g in the Washington Examiner article looks interesting. He has to tell congress who he is giving weapons to and why the weapons transfer is important to national security. The article has the Obama administration claiming it is all nonlethal but according to the Washington Post that isn't true: http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-secu

    1. Walkie-Talkies that tell troops where to go so they can use real bullets in real machine guns are very deadly combinations. And all the MRE's that were about out of date; I can only hope they have ham and beans, pork fried rice, and other pork specialties.

  7. Political pressure is a real beetch sometimes…he should have told McCain and Graham to suck eggs.

    I hope he realizes that THIS is going to be his legacy. And when the "rebels" "lose" some of these "non-lethal" weapons that then get used against US interests (whatever that means), allies (whatever that means, too), or the US directly, I hope (yeah, right) that Obama stands before the American people and takes responsibility for whatever happens. But in reality, I'm sure that would never happen just as he will never be tried for his actions.

  8. The marionette keeps stabbing his image in the mirror,the Dorian Grey one,as he wanders down the path of Zionist mind control.Like all those dweebs who live on UFC violence,another voyeur of blood.

  9. So what this tells us is that Obama is openly arming terrorists, the very ones we've been told are out to "kill us", and even in a direct attack upon the Constitution through this action by not upholding his oath of office to defend it? Therefore he and his cronies are defacto "domestic enemies". Time for an immediate arrest and trial.

  10. May be the type of terrorist who behead, rape, torture, and kill teenager is the one the US like. Not many people knew that those jihadis can own anything that belong to others whether it is a house, a car, or a woman. All they have to do is pat on the thing three times and say :Allah is great" and viola, it became theirs.

  11. As Far as I know he hasn't issued a child soldier sanction waiver yet, which would make him liable to the criminal penalties of the Child Soldier Accountability Act since many of the disparate rebel groups within the Syrian Opposition recruit and use child soldiers.

  12. The Barack Hussein Sotero-Obama is nothing more than steaming excrement draped in finery! This POS has no moral compass whatsoever. A self-serving fool for whomsoever pays his laundry bills: ie. the ultimate corporate whore, sina non qua!. Unevolved. Truly a tragic figure. Sic Transit Gloria Mundi.

  13. Yes, the Syrian regime is considered a terrorist regime so in order to send aid to the Free Syrian Army he has to waive that provision.

  14. This is what happens when people rely on reading erroneous headlines in basing or reaffirming their views. The Syrian regime is considered a state sponsor of terror and is listed as a terrorist regime along with the Islamic regime in Iran. Therefore in order to aid the rebels and the Syrian people, we must waive that provision in aiding the Free Syrian Army.

  15. Is this "vetting" process going to be the same process that gave a security clearance to the Navy Yard shooter?

  16. There ia no free syrian army. There are only jihadists from all over the world fighting there. For the man that thinks because they use words like free and affordable in their name. Please just understand what ever sounds good and can be sold to the public is what the media spills out. It doesn’t sound free to me and we are finding out what a new definition of affordable is.

  17. The president, citing his authority under the Arms Export Control Act, announced today that he would “waive the prohibitions in sections 40 and 40A of the AECA related to such a transaction.”

  18. The president, citing his authority under the Arms Export Control Act, announced today that he would a??waive the prohibitions in sections 40 and 40A of the AECA related to such a transaction.a??

  19. So Barack Obama has come out of the closet as a sponsor of terrorism. Isn't it time that Obama and the rest of the American regime be arrested for aiding terrorists like Al-Queda?

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