Another Israeli War Crime Just Took Place


Human Rights Watch:

Israeli military forces should cease actions in a West Bank Bedouin community that were apparently intended to displace the residents without lawful justification. The military demolished all homes in the community on September 16, 2013, and blocked four attempts by humanitarian groups to provide shelters, with soldiers using force against residents, humanitarian workers, and foreign diplomats on September 20. Under international humanitarian law in effect in the occupied West Bank, the deliberate unlawful forced transfer of a population is a war crime.

In Obama’s speech to the United Nations General Assembly just two days ago, he outlined two issues as top priorities in the Middle East: Iran’s nuclear program and the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. After getting distracted by a brief campaign for war in Syria, Secretary of State John Kerry is refocused on Israel-Palestine, saying just yesterday that he brokered an agreement to “intensify” negotiations.

The official basis for negotiations is two states for two people. And yet, Israel continues to reject the premise of talks by bulldozing more Palestinian homes and building new illegal settlements on Palestinian land.

As Yousef Munayyer wrote recently in The New Yorker, “Everything about the Israeli state’s actual behavior suggests it has no intention of ever leaving the West Bank.”

So why engage in the charade of negotiations? In an earlier piece at The Daily Beast, Munayyer explains that, “Israel needs negotiations to provide cover for its continued colonization of Palestinian territory and create the impression that its presence in the West Bank is temporary and its withdrawal around the corner.”

“The absence of negotiations,” Munayyer adds, “keeps the light focused on the apartheid reality, instead putting Israel in increasingly hot water as civil society and states continue to reject its subjugation of Palestinians.”

Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi, a Palestinian legislator and Secretary-General of the Palestinian National Initiative, agrees. This week he told reporters that the vaunted Oslo Agreement “allowed Israel [to] implement a system of apartheid, by significantly escalating its settlement activities, and the theft of Palestinian lands, Israel is using the peace deal as a cover-up for its violations.”

The settlement “led to disastrous consequences allowing Israel to divide the occupied territories into areas A, B and C, giving it the change to build and expand settlements, and the Apartheid Wall”, he added. “The wall was build 25 Kilometers deep into the West Bank, isolating and confiscating large areas of lands and orchards, and isolated Jerusalem from its surrounding Arab areas.”

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that these policies undermine negotiations. Indeed, as Munayyer points out, U.S. intelligence agencies figured it out all the way back in 1968, less than a year after Israel began occupying and settling in the West Bank.

A 1968 National Intelligence Estimate said: “If Israel continues to occupy conquered territory for an extended period, say two to three years, it will find it increasingly difficult to relinquish control. Domestic pressures to establish paramilitary settlements in occupied areas would grow, and it would be harder to turn back to the Arabs land which contained such settlements.”

24 thoughts on “Another Israeli War Crime Just Took Place”

  1. The War for the Land has already been won by Israel. It will never give its Land to Jewkillers..ever. All countries borders have been defined by war…it is History's way. Arabs are killing each other all over the map…no Jew will trust them. If Arabs want to have a space next to Jews they will have to totally stop the incitement and the killing. If they don't …sooner or later Israel will get a leader that will burn them in their beds.

      1. Bob is but 1 of many converts to those precepts………………. America too has embraced the Reich view and execution……

      2. Really – were the Jews killing each other all over the place in the 1930's ?
        Arabs need to learn how to behave , not behead.

    1. Hey there Bob, tell your israeli bellicose and brutal “chosen ones” leaders more of the world would support them if they didn't run over college students with bulldozers, or uproot Palestinian olive groves or murder unarmed aid workers on aid boats in international waters, not to mention their Palestinian open air concentration camps and admission to only providing Palestinians the bare minimum needed to survive. And it might help if Israel stopped the IDF assaults on EU diplomats bringing aid to displaced Palestinians and cease their constant illegal land grabs.

      Yes, Israel still remains a charming borderless kitty litter box that refuses to sign the Non-nuclear Proliferation treaty or ratify the Chemical Weapons Convention and still has to pay for the USS Liberty attack. israel remains exactly what it is: a rogue nation despised by many.

      1. And you might also mention a deliberate attack on the USS Liberty which it has been proven that they knew it was an American vessel.

    2. And why are they Jewkillers? Could it be because the Palestinians' land was taken from them and they are treated cruelly in an apartheid state?

    3. This one is telling the truth about Israel and Israelis like him, is just that Hitler was born in Austria and later moved to Germany, just think for a minute, if Hitler, with a Jewish name, was born in a Arab country and then moved to Israel.

      This Bob is talking about Hitlerism with a sentence which seams that, he is one of those settlers with a machine gun on his shoulder and moved from somewhere to stolen land-Israel.

      1. Hitler was part Jewish.Shickelgruber?They did a DNA test of his surviving relatives.He had German,Jewish and North African DNA.Funny dat.

  2. Bob is obviously an Israeli shill here! The way I see it and the way most of the world sees it, is that Israel was illegally formed on Palestinian ground and then Israeli terrorists started to ethnically cleanse Palestinians by attacking them and chasing them OFF PALESTINIAN LAND. Israel is the nation doing the "incitement and killing" here and anyone who espouses "killing people in their beds" should not be allowed to post on this website! How would you feel "Bob" if soldiers confiscated your land, tore down your house and imprisoned anyone who protested as a "terrorist"?

    It's people like you who actually do the most harm to the Jewish people, not Arabs or Muslims! But hey . . . American settlers stole the Indians land and forced them into reservations, so I guess you are right in this sense- to the ruthless and criminal and non-respecting of others go the spoils.

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  5. No worries, Bob. Israel won,t need to turn over anything after it ceases to exist. The rest of the world will take care of that in time.

  6. Israel is doing to the Palestinians what Assyria and Babylon did to ancient Israel and Judah. It was wrong then, it's still wrong.

  7. The US of Empire is not part of the solution. It is the problem. The Israelis use American tax dollars to fund their military and economy. They destroy Palestinian homes and use water from Palestinian homes to irrigate their farms. The USA won't give up Hawaii. There are native Hawaiians that want just that. The USA won't return the states it took away from Mexico. Many US citizens against illegal immigrants here favor Israeli settlements on Arab land. The US won't give up Puerto Rico or other possessions. There are people there that want independence.

  8. Demographically the Israelis are outnumbered, eventually that U.S. money that keeps them afloat will run out, eventually the Arab economies next door will clean up and grow, and eventually Israel won't be able to get away with these things without a political solution. It's a matter of time, Israel is dependent on the U.S. for survival, if the cash spigot closes, their state cannot survive on it's own (perhaps this begs the question how legitimate is the Israeli state if it only continues to exist because of U.S. cash and guns?)

  9. The top 45 biggest and other massive lies told by Obama at his recent UN speech.
    A point by point dismissal of just about everything Obama said.

    Top 45 Lies in Obama’s Speech at UN

    A point by point dismissal of Obama's UN speech :-

    The United States — these new circumstances have also meant shifting away from a perpetual war footing. Beyond bringing our troops home we have limited the use of drones so they target only those who pose a continuing imminent threat to the United States where capture is not feasible and there’s a near certainty of no civilian casualties.

    The Reality
    America is always looking to start new wars and exacerbate conflicts in the Middle East and Africa by exploiting peaceful protest movements and dissent (e.g. Syria and Mali).
    America has no intention of ever leaving Iraq or Afghanistan, though it's presence will be via more covert means – probably blackwater type mercenaries.

    Drones are deliberately used to kill innocent civilians – they have killed hundreds of innocent people just in Pakistan – at least 170 of them children.
    Double tap drone strikes are deliberately designed to kill and terrorize civilians.
    Drone strikes kill ten times as many civilians a piloted air strikes.
    Robotic killing machines called drones flying overhead 24 hours a day are a much more effective way to terrorize a population than piloted aircraft.

    America now has a policy of killing suspects rather than trying to capture them, due to the embarrassment of how to hold them prisoner.
    Gitmo, black CIA jails in Europe and elsewhere, and puppet states used for extra ordinary rendition and torture, have now all become major embarrassments.
    Witness the Yemeni testimony to Congress in April, where the suspect could easily have been captured but was killed by a drone strike. A drone strike that delivered the entire village into the hands of Islamic Extremists after years of the Islamists failing to persuade the villagers.

    We’re transferring detainees to other countries and trying terrorists in courts of law while working diligently to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay. And just as we reviewed how we deploy our extraordinary military capabilities in a way that lives up to our ideals, we’ve begun to review the way that we gather intelligence so that we properly balance the legitimate security concerns of our citizens and allies with the privacy concerns that all people share.

    The Reality
    Obama promised to shut Gitmo soon after he was elected, during his campaign in 2008.
    After 5 years it's still open.
    Half of it's remaining occupants have been declared innocent and fit for release for years, but they are still being held prisoner at enormous cost to the U.S. taxpayer.
    List me the cases where the U.S. has actually tried terrorist suspects held in Gitmo – I can only think of a couple of cases and one of those was a chauffeur.

    The U.S. uses it's vast military to invade other countries and instigate regime changes in various countries that pose no threat to America's security, thus breaching international law and making lots more enemies – which is used to justify even more military spending and which is bankrupting America.
    America has spent over $5tn on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq (to end of 2011) and the costs are still mounting at $200bn a year.

    Read more at:-

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