Russian Space Forces Not Ready for Alien Invasion

The Russian Space Forces, an actual real branch of the Russian military (with on-again, off-again independence historically) is not in very good shape if war breaks out with some other planet.

We are unfortunately not ready to fight extraterrestrial civilizations,” conceded Sergey Berezhnoy, the deputy chief of the Titov Main Test and Space Systems Control Centre, who was asked about the forces’ readiness for defending against extraterrestial incursions.

The Titov Centre has been around since 1957, and was eventually just part of the Soviet space program, before its attention turned primarily toward orbital defense, preparation that included not just the prospect of exchanges with other Earth factions in orbit (and missile exchanges), but also at least some preliminary examination of what will happen if and when things get real on a galactic scale.

Of course it’s hard to imagine how anyone could really prepare to fight a whole different species that hasn’t been discovered yet with entirely unknown capabilities, and agendas, but Russian officials don’t seem optimistic about their Space Forces getting “ready” any time soon, noting that there are an awful lot of problems on the planet that are actually taking precedent over the entirely theoretical one.

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  1. The threat of a space alien invasion has long been used as a propaganda vehicle to justify a world government where all nations would unite to fight the extraterrestrials. And of course this has been a theme in science fiction for a long time, going back to H.G. Wells' original "War of the Worlds" in 1898 (Wells was a Fabian Socialist, too). The countless films and TV shows made about this all the way up to the present day also play into this social conditioning. The United Federation of Planets in "Star Trek" was just a futuristic version of the UN, with the Klingons and Romulans standing in for the Soviet Union and Red China during the 1960s Cold War climate of the time. The technology probably exists today for the global elites to fake an invasion from space (Project Bluebeam, etc.) using holographic projection, Tesla-type technology and other "black" programs we are not even aware of in order to bring about their one-world agenda.

    1. > The technology probably exists today for the global elites to fake an invasion from space (Project Bluebeam, etc.) using holographic projection, Tesla-type technology and other…

      That kind of stuff only exists in the fantasy of the tinfoil-hat brigade. Whenever "Tesla" is mentioned you can be 100% sure of that. He was a good engineer and showman, but that's it. Hell, "global elistes" can't balance checkbooks.

      1. They may not be able to balance checkbooks, but they are doing a pretty good job of enslaving us and controlling the most powerful nation on Earth.

  2. This issue to me looks like little more than a reporter asking a silly question and getting a polite answer that barely avoids sounding too sarcastic.

    1. Exactly.

      "Are you prepared to defend against aliens?"

      "Gee, we don't think so".

      Anything else? No.

  3. This makes me wonder about the readiness of the US Army's Cloned Reptilian Apprehension Program (CRAP) in the event of a Jurassic Park-style dinosaur invasion. Let's just hope we can afford the surge of CRAP equipment the Pentagon will surely allocated to this much-needed defense initiative.

  4. Sergey Berezhnoy should not fret. The US has got Russia's 180 on this important issue! The theme song of the FedGov makes it very clear that Obama definitely has space on his mind:

    When John Kerry says we own the world and space,
    We heil heil right in Obama's face!

  5. Russia probably isn’t ready for the Vegetable Insurrection, when all the broccoli, carrots etc rise in unison to achieve world domination in their new Leafy Green Empire either. Word is that they are much more concerned about another country which seeks “Full Spectrum Dominance” in order to rule the world.

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