Glenn Greenwald on Dick Cheney’s Edward Snowden Hate

Glenn Greenwald went on CNN last night to respond to Dick Cheney’s accusation of Edward Snowden as a traitor and to yesterday’s testimony from Clapper and Keith Alexander on NSA spying.

11 thoughts on “Glenn Greenwald on Dick Cheney’s Edward Snowden Hate”

  1. The supreme irony of Dick Cheney talking about "violating the law" is so *dense* that a black hole must have been created somewhere in the universe.

  2. People like Glen Greenwald always get “confused” when someone points out that “everybody does it”; therefore, it must be okay. Since Glen implicitly (if not explicitly) supports this notion by supporting democracy (majority law), he will always have difficulty in supplying a succinct and rational answer to this point. Greenwald should abandon his support for positive law, and redefine his views under natural law. If he does this, he will have no problem defending against these alleged “gotcha” questions about “well, everyone else I doing it”.

  3. As always, Greenwald fights the good fight. More power to him.

    Ed Snowden is a hero. Cheney's a contemptible swine.

  4. Clapper: "…no one has more oversight of its intelligence community than the United States…"
    Yet while claiming to be keeping us safe they can't keep even their own purloined data safe.
    Also worth noting that they draw their IT resources from the same talent and experience pool that created the ACA website.
    Its much more likely that the really effective activity is at the level of people like Snowden with their persoanl agendas. In Snowden's case it was for reasons we now all know about but its a fair assumption that others are delving into records of celebs or others they know looking for salacious titbits to relieve their boredom. Probably the reason why Feinstein went ballistic when she learned that Merkle's phone was tapped was the realization she could be a target too. You can be sure our spooks would love to know in advance what the Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee had on her mind.

  5. You and lover boy would be off tap too, lovers tiff. Lucky I am decommissioned I whack heads of state ya all rabbits. Snowden, Lonny. Snowden is in Russia because the Angler wanted him there.

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