Israel’s Red Herring: A Military Presence in the Jordan Valley

I’ve predicted failure for Secretary of State John Kerry’s push for peace negotiations and a settlement to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. One of the (many) reasons past efforts to “broker” a deal have failed is because Israel makes a handful of demands that are beyond the pale and obviously unacceptable to the Palestinians, thus triggering a break-up in talks.

One of the demands Israel is making this time around is that any final agreement allows for a permanent Israeli military presence in the Jordan Valley, an area constituting some 20% of the West Bank. Understandably, the Palestinians reject this, since “it is impossible to say that an occupation has ended when the occupying army is still there,” writes Mitchell Plitnick.

Israel says it needs the military presence in the Jordan Valley for security reasons, to protect itself from terrorism and invasion. But Dov Weisglass, who was a top advisor to former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, writes this week that there really is no security justification for a military presence in the Jordan Valley:

What would it be intended for? Preventing terrorism? Not really. The Jordan Valley is almost unpopulated (with the exception of the Jericho area). Terrorism in the Jordan Valley has always been small in scale in comparison with other areas of Judea and Samaria; and the Israeli force would not be supposed to reach these other areas or serve in them in any case.

Would the force be intended to prevent an invasion into Israel? For many years, until 2003, Israel was greatly troubled by the size of the Iraqi ground forces, and the fear of an invasion was tangible; but not today. Once Iraq ceased to pose a military threat to Israel, there is no state or other military force east of the Jordan River that could invade Israel or pose a land-based military threat to Israel. Certainly not the kingdom of Jordan, which enjoys strong security ties with Israel.

If, heaven forbid, the kingdom of Jordan collapses and hostile forces penetrate its territory and the danger of attack by land is resumed; or if, heaven forbid, missile, rocket or shell fire starts from there, then the IDF, with its full force, will be required to carry out a serious military operation, either defensive or offensive. It will not be the garrison force, limited in its scale and capabilities, which will engage in this. In general, past experience shows that sparse military forces, deployed along a long defensive line, do not contribute to security.

So why is Israel demanding continued military occupation? You might call it a stalling tactic. The way things are now, Israel militarily occupies the whole of the West Bank and uses the backdrop of endless “peace negotiations” to do so in perpetuity until it can expand and have sovereignty over all of the land from the Jordan river to the Mediterranean Sea. So Israel seems to deliberately foil a final agreement because the charade of negotiating for peace allows it to continue the occupation and colonization of what is left of historic Palestine. If a final deal is successful, Israel can’t annex the West Bank at some point in the future.

As Yousef Munayyer has written at The Daily Beast, “Israel needs negotiations to provide cover for its continued colonization of Palestinian territory and create the impression that its presence in the West Bank is temporary and its withdrawal around the corner.”

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  1. Israel will always stonewall the peace efforts. That would get in the way of achieving their "God given right" to the Greater Israel, which encompasses Palestine and parts of Syria and Lebanon. The US enables this future growth plan by blocking Palestine's full membership in the UN and by funding Israel's war machine to the tune of $6 Billion per year while bribing other Middle East countries to stand back…Like the $1.3 Billion we give each year to Egypt.

    1. The one and only reason for this ongoing situation is the Zionist – controlled US and Congress
      and with this,Time to take action by " the people " to send most of the Congress packing.

      No better time,with the 2014 midterm elections about to come, to replace most of these " good for nothing SOB`s " for denying benefits to millions Americans.
      However,adding insult to injury,they have no problems of approving " $ Billions " to Israel – which has been dispossessing millions of Palestinians living in the
      Occupied Territories, confiscating their lands, destroying homes, bulldozing orchards and setting-up ‘Jews-only’ colonial settlements and occupying soldiers.

      Americans must stop the Genocide of the Palestinians by Zionist Israel – now !

  2. Pride comes before a fall. They have enemies to the South, to the North, and to the East. These people are willing to travel to Syria and Iraq. I bet they will also make their way to Israel if they want to. Israelis can brutalize a virtually unarmed population while the mujahedin is fighting and defeating opponents much stronger than it is. Israel has self esteem because of its technological superiority and prior victories. The mujahedin from my understanding is gaining self esteem from winning. Who knows this might be Israel's last chance to play nice. It is better to survive than to nurse a Napoleon complex to one's ultimate detriment. Israel has made its decision and I don't think it was a wise one.

  3. Let's not forget the economic importance of the Jordan Valley to Israel; namely, water. The real red herring involved is Israel pretending to occupy the Jordan Valley for "security reasons," when it is siphoning off water from the Jordan River and Dead Sea in massive quantities.

  4. The twin impetus of settlement expansion and water resources control will guarantee that there will never be peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians. What it also guarantees is that Israel will do anything and everything required to remove the Palestinians from the equation.

    Pure pipe dream: Obama has done little to resolve the issues and I don't expect that to change one iota. So, what I'd really like to see is as one of his final acts in office would be to reverse his position on Palestine being admitted to the UN as a full voting member. Everyone knows Obama and Netanyahoo do not like each other so he should do the right thing and advise his UN Ambassador to vote "YES" on the statehood of Palestine…and then vote "YES" when Palestine files charges against Israel for their genocide against the people of Palestine. Would love to be a fly on the wall in Bibi's office when that hits the fan.

    But, that's just this old Curmudgeon's opinion…and wishing aside, I actually have little faith that Obama would do something as historic as that.

  5. The truism of "you can fool some of the people some of the time but you cannot fool the people for ever" always seems to take for ever but rarely does.

    As long as most of the Israelis and almost all Americans of the Jewish faith consider themselves as a chosen people and their influences on US policy as the only arbiters of determining the kind of equitable peace between Israelis and Palestinians it will still be the same song and dance of "the peace process" that has taken over 50 years.


    this is the clearest map i can find the maps start at page 18

    page 22 is a map of "the triangle plan."

    the point of the triangle plan is to give up as many israeli arabs to the pa and in essense puge them of citizenship.

    if you look at the jordan valley, starting at the south, we have the dead sea. and almost no habitation for a larger area to the west, anyone who has been a tourist to israel has had a nice fun time at the dead sea with out a hint of Palestinians.

    just north of the dead sea is Jericho the biblical walled city Jericho which also has a large system of walls and barriers but for the opposite purpose.
    the rest of the jordan valley is clearly occupied by about 20 or so Israeli settlements.

    jerico poses as palestines bridge to the outside world. israel wants the entire jordan valley.

    the important thing to notice in the triangle plan(page 22) at least in Israels concessions, is that as any zionist will tell you over and over again how narrow israel is and thus defenseless, but the triangle plan will take israels most narrow point and make it even more narrow, the only reason this is acceptable is that palestine within walls will never be a problem, any independent access to the outside world is to be avoided at all cost.
    just look at gaza.

    israel wants the jordan valley at all cost and would make a temporary agreement with big concession land wise if it means a palestine cut off from the world.

  7. Israel has never been willing to negotiate its stance on retaining the jordan valley. Which is why the settlements there continue to grow.

  8. Why does the world stand by and watch the Israelis killing the Palestinians.
    I this was any other race of people it would be called a holocaust DAM you ISRAEL

    1. Wondering about this all the time, You are perfectly OK.
      I,m afraid we are all in their pockets.

  9. This article telling many 100's % the TRUTH.
    Many many Israelis PM had dozens of SILLY EXCUSES for not leaving The WB, GAZA, and East Jerusalem, (22% 0f original Palestine) many of them believing that the WORLD POPULATIONS are just SILLY and do not see what they are up to.
    Now the NEW Excuses are that the PA LESTINIANS ONLY" Must be recognised ISRAEL as a Jewish State, not America, Not Russia, not Egypt BUT PALESTINIANS.
    2nd EXCUSES IDF must stay in JORDAN Valley to defend Israel (with powerful weapons) against
    the STONE THROWING Palestinians.
    Question is WHY IDF can secure the Jordan Valley not for State of Israel securuity but NOT SOLDIERS from the Q U A R T E T .
    It does make one thinks. "Do we really that S I L L Y.?

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  11. As I’ve written in the past, these Pentagon plans are part of the Air-Sea Battle strategy. The idea is to have enough US bases and Air Force capabilities peppered throughout the region so that China would be too surrounded to safely attack in the event of a conflict.

  12. As Ia??ve written in the past, these Pentagon plans are part of the Air-Sea Battle strategy. The idea is to have enough US bases and Air Force capabilities peppered throughout the region so that China would be too surrounded to safely attack in the event of a conflict.

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