Elite Newspapers: Violate International Law, Bomb Syria

An editorial in yesterday’s Washington Post urges President Obama to use the threat of a U.S. bombing campaign to achieve political ends on a transition deal in the Syria talks.

Obama “could force” a diplomatic agreement for a transition government in Syria “by presenting Mr. Assad with the choice of accepting them or enduring U.S. airstrikes.” With what must be Martian logic, the Post argues that Obama’s refusal to use the threat of violence is why atrocities continue to be committed in Syria.

The United Nations Charter, to which the United States is a high contracting party, prohibits “all members” from “the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state.” The 1969 Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, to which the U.S. is also a signatory, establishes the principle that if a country threatens to use force during diplomatic negotiations, then all resulting treaties are invalid. “A treaty is void if its conclusion has been procured by the threat or use of force in violation of the principles of international law embodied in the Charter of the United Nations,” it states.

Back in August, the New York Times was even more blatant in its advocacy of criminal government when it published an Op-Ed titled, “Bomb Syria, Even If It Is Illegal.”

Just consider for a moment how corrupted the political dialogue in this country has to be for mainstream voices to openly and proudly call for their own government to commit war crimes.

56 thoughts on “Elite Newspapers: Violate International Law, Bomb Syria”

  1. So Amazon CEO's latest PR release argues for war crimes and aggressive war. Does that represent the new direction of the WP since bought by the Amazon CEO?

    Of course as mentioned here Amazon has ties to the C.I.A., although I did the math and it seems the CEO cloud deal represents only .1% of yearly revenue for Amazon.

    So it's a judgement call on how much influence it has. But I suspect that's the visible part of the iceberg, the invisible part of Amazon spook ties, I don't know probably somewhere in the 99% of Snowden docs we may or may not ever see. That saga is beginning to remind me of the ending of Raiders of the Lost Ark at this point. In a crate …

    1. Wapo has long advocated for war with Iran under the Weymouths, so this is just Wapo doing what it generally always did during recent history. Watergate would have probably been a killed story today.

      1. Wapo would not have killed the story. Nixon was creating his own private police state outside of the existing FBI and CIA. The CIA and the FBI did not want this clearly illegal competition, so as to keep their monopoly on police state power. They also didn't like Nixon's pushing the envelop on using blatant illegal means to win reelection. G. Gordan Liddy's eagerness to potentially assassinate columnist Jack Anderson shows how out of control these White House 'plumbers' were.

        According to the "smoking gun" tape, Nixon had Haldeman tell the CIA to tell the FBI to drop their investigation into the funding of the White House plumbers, on national security grounds. Helms of the CIA exploded at Haldeman when told to do it, But Gray, the new FBI chief, did not know how the levers of power in the FBI worked, and he was unable to stop the investigation.

        Mark Felt, a.k.a."Deep throat," was near the top of the FBI hierarchy, and among other things, was irate over being passed over for the number one spot at the FBI. Nixon had been getting away with underhanded political tactics for his entire political career, and the spooks were only too happy to take him down for trespassing into their turf.

        BTW, enter "Operation Mockingbird" into any search engine to see how the CIA has been controlling the U.S. press since the early 1950's. The late Phillip Graham, once Wapo's chief, was CIA connected and was responsive when the CIA wanted something printed. This was especially effective, because the Washington Post and the New York Times carried a lot of weight with other newspapers, and these other newspapers usually followed the two news leaders.

        More recently, look at the known falsehoods in Judith Miller's front page New York Times articles about Saddam's 'weapons of mass destruction' (they had already been destroyed) and Saddam's attempt to acquire 'yellow cake' from Niger (based on documents known to be forged.) The results of printing these known falsehood: trillions of US dollars wasted (which includes the future costs of providing medical care to badly wounded soldiers,) millions of Iraqi refugees who fled to other countries, and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi deaths, soldiers and civilians, and a continuing civil war with no end in sight.

        "You supply the photographs, I'll supply the war." -W.R.Herst

    2. But didn't folks realise this is what was going to happen?

      The "peace" talks would be planned and used to ensure that Washington's planned pro-American government would be imposed on Syria by causing them to sign up to a "peace"

  2. What's a few extra wars here and there as long as Israeli security is enhanced? No big deal.

  3. Is it any wonder why most of the rest of the world views the USA as the biggest obstacle to peace. Thankfully Russia and China are now standing up to the US. Has there ever been another country in history that thought it had the right to go around bombing whatever country it wanted to for whatever made up reason it chose? Oh that's right, the World is a Battlefield!

    1. And what other military divides the entire world into different "Commands"? I'm worried about NORTHCOM the most.

  4. Great post.


    the use of violence and/or intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.

    For all the braying about protecting everyone from terrorism, getting the terrorist, terrorists, terrorits, terrorists… people in the USA sure are eager to commit more terrorism.

    This country is far from achieving the most basic level of morality: applying the same standards to yourself as you so eagerly apply to others.

    That would be the first rung of the morality ladder. We ain't there. It's more like we have dug a thousand mile deep pit that we'd first have to emerge from to even get to the ladder.

  5. We could just take the Israel approach and fire a few hundred cruise missiles into Syria, blame it on the tooth-fairy, and continue to claim we are "not involved" and 'neutral like Switzerland'…. This is probably the best way to go, and based on all that's happened up till now, it wouldn't surprise me if a significant number of politicos (if not the majority) actually believed it…

    Why admit to deviant behavior in advance…or even admit to it after the fact for that matter? Doing so could unnecessarily tarnish the "City on the Hill" image and lead to unwanted adverse "diplomatic' blow-back…

  6. The militarism regime and a military force, and since Second World War bombing a nation is always been the first option for USG to obtain a political solution for its agenda. Now that they have the Saudis barbarians on the ground doing the ground work by killing Syrian nationals, using the bombardment makes it easy to expend the Saudis and other religious tyrannical system in Syria.

  7. United Nations, Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, Geneva, the US have little or no respect for those entities.

  8. America/Israel do not concern themselves to any treaties they do what they want to any one any country who is to stop them you Antiwar com TSK TSK

  9. According to doctors and scientists Fallujah is worse than Hiroshima because of Depleted Uranium weapons used by the US. In its attack on Panama to kidnap the president in December 1989 they killed about 6,000 unarmed ordinary citizens. When the archives were opened it was revealed that the FBI (!) killed Gaitan in Bogotá in 1948 which released a civil war and ½ mio dead. Do as the US says but NEVER as it does.

  10. Excellent article. As Mark Twain once said: "A lie travels half way around the world before the truth has its boots on."

  11. While they're bombng ,why not extend the bombing to ainclude ll the places AQ resides, including AQUSA. Bombing can also stop the war in Afghanistan and vanquish the Iranian threat. Oh, we're already bombing? Wel,,,,,l how's about more bombing?!?.

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  13. While we see advocacy absent anything else as protected speech, adding to it an act in furtherance of a plan to commit a crime as criminal conspiracy, would a Nuremberg type tribunal treat the NYTimes' editorial advocating war crimes absent more as a war crime?

  14. Let’s make one thing clear: these useless military exercises and demonstrations of force do absolutely nothing to alter the reality or Russia’s strategic calculations. They are essentially for domestic consumption, to satisfy political hardliners who are attacking the president for being too weak.

  15. Leta??s make one thing clear: these useless military exercises and demonstrations of force do absolutely nothing to alter the reality or Russiaa??s strategic calculations. They are essentially for domestic consumption, to satisfy political hardliners who are attacking the president for being too weak.

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