Scahill, Greenwald on DemocracyNow Discuss NSA-Drone Story

Read their story at the new online magazine The Intercept here.

9 thoughts on “Scahill, Greenwald on DemocracyNow Discuss NSA-Drone Story”

  1. That was a very good interview. Glenn Greenwald should not come to the USA. He could suffer the same fate as Bradley Manning or what Julian Assange or Edward Snowden would suffer if they were here. In 2016, there should be an anti drone as well as an anti war candidate.

    1. I also worry for Jeremy Scahill. I'm currently reading "Dirty Wars" and it is an overwhelming indictment of US imperial war policy. I don't want to see him suffer the same fate as Michael Hastings.

      1. I also read Scahill's Blackwater. A chilling look into the ruthless world of the military contractor.

    2. I'm inclined to agree with you about Greenwald. For his own good, he ought to avoid our American Fatherland–its government doesn't play by the rules. . . .

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