The Day We Fight Back

We are fighting back too at Please visit The Day We Fight Back for events in your area.

If you are in Los Angeles, please join us tonight at Casey’s Irish Pub at 613 South Grand Ave, Los Angeles, California at 7:30pm. Restore The Fourth Los Angeles is hosting an event featuring the Tenth Amendment Center and ACLU of Southern California. Nick Hankoff, Development Associate with, will be representing the Tenth Amendment Center. Both the USA Freedom Act (Federal) and the Fourth Amendment Protection Act (California) will be discussed.

Events in Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Germany, and elsewhere can be found here.

6 thoughts on “The Day We Fight Back”

  1. Xoilee have $5B for wippincc u from their earth:assassinate..poison..drone..aids..drugs..torture..jail..homeless..jihadBBBanderz..bribe and the cycle goes ON(Zayed LMT is a naked example)……..welcome to UE Aaadl NOW



    There will never be a Syrian “transitional government” inclusive of US handpicked stooges—stooges who do not even reside in Syria at the moment…and have not lived in Syria for several years now…in some cases decades…

    Again…what’s wrong with the “ballot box” and “elections"…you know…letting "the people" of Syria decide? This seem like a reasonable way to settle this dispute….

    Anointing US stooges has already been tried in Afghanistan and Iraq, not to mention Vietnam…it always fails. Assad is obviously no one's "stooge"…the clowns of the US anointed so-called "opposition" in Geneva can't even speak for themselves… does any reasonable person think these shills can govern the nation of Syria? Why not just give Ahmed Chalabi a call and anoint him the new so-called "transitional government" leader in Syria?..

  3. I took part in this initiative and hope such actions will happen more often. In Europe it got a lot of media attention, so this was a good start.

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