Netanyahu Wrong on Iraq, Wrong on Iran

The Bibi who cried wolf:

7 thoughts on “Netanyahu Wrong on Iraq, Wrong on Iran”

  1. Mr.Nethanyahu and AIPAC is using the US for their own plan.
    Cui bono? Who is profiting from? Who is paying the bill? How many American life's this time?
    Shouldn't Israel sign the Nuclear Treaty first (like Iran) before it is complaining?
    Wouldn't it be better to declare a nuclear free weapon zone in this region?
    The worst case would happen when the Saudis and Turks would own nuclear bombs.

    The West needs Iran as a counterweight against Sunni extremism and especially the Wahabit-groups who are the biggest Fans from Al Qaida.

  2. It's hard to find the words to show my contempt for this despicable liar. Does anyone believe him besides our brain dead Congress? Nutty Netanyahu and the McCainiacs may yet find a way to start WW3. According to an article from Phil Giraldi, there are 40 million Americans who want the Battle of Armageddon to commence, so they can witness the Second Coming before they die. With Ukraine now blowing up due to US/EU provocation, these true believers may get their wish.

    1. "…witness the Second Coming before they die…"

      First, the following is my personal opinion, if that matters: for those who are "waiting and anticipating" their "Armageddon" I suspect they are going to be very disappointed. If they're lucky they'll die early in the process of the collapse of world societies because as things progress it's going to get very, very ugly and no amount of praying and supplication is going to mitigate the outcome.

      On the other hand, it would be appropriate if there is a God who passes judgement on those who think they know what God wants and bring about this event.

  3. The USA's & Israel's adversaries in the Mideast should have WMD's to stop other nations from bombing them. They should also become superpowers. The USA is the only nation in the world that has used nuclear weapons.

  4. Kinda interesting that maybe someone does not want to see what this guy says in his own words, eh? Oh! I guess I'm just hyper vigilant. Well you can see the video link if you want at the—no need for editorializing. This guy can't help but reveal himself and he is consistent.

    Or do a web search for "Eric Garris Netanyahu wrong on Iraq wrong on Iran"

  5. It is all about pushing other people's kids, i.e.- gentiles, to die for Israel. If you grow up as a part of a group that teaches you day and night that you are so much more special and "chosen" than you next door neighbor who does not happen to belong to the tribe…then having the "others" die for you makes perfect sense.

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