New Columnist: Lucy Steigerwald

I’m so glad we have a brand new columnist in the fabulous Lucy Steigerwald!

She’s a columnist for, previously worked as an Associate Editor for Reason magazine, and blogs at She is most angry, she tells us, "about police, prisons, and wars." Well, that’s a start!

Today is her first weekly column, which has as its theme "The War At Home." Her beat: all the manifold ways our militarized culture impacts our everyday lives. Yes, we’ve given her a wide berth – because we’re damn sure she’ll more than live up to it!

90 thoughts on “New Columnist: Lucy Steigerwald”

  1. Welcome, Lucy. One thing I do not understand is why so many still wish to come to the increasingly totalitarian US. You'd think more would like to leave than come.

  2. Here is what the current State Department list of designated terrorist organizations looks like today. The first thing that comes to mind when suggesting a similar template for the use of military force is the politics

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