Obama Suggests Russian Annexation of Crimea Is Worse Than Iraq Invasion

Via Charles Davis, the Washington Post reports on comments made by President Obama today:

Speaking in Brussels, Obama dismissed suggestions by Russia and its supporters that the Iraq war undercuts the United States’ credibility in criticizing Russia’s incursion into Crimea in Ukraine.

“It is true that the Iraq War was a subject of vigorous debate – not just around the world, but in the United States as well,” Obama said. “I happened to oppose our military intervention there.”

Obama added: “But even in Iraq, America sought to work within the international system. We did not claim or annex Iraq’s territory, nor did we grab its resources for our own gain. Instead, we ended our war and left Iraq to its people and a fully sovereign Iraqi state could make decisions about its own future.”

This is perhaps the most asinine thing the president has said in the entirety of his presidency. The invasion of Iraq was an illegal, preventive war based on lies. It got hundreds of thousands of people killed and cost trillions of dollars. The U.S.-backed dictator of Iraq, Nouri al-Maliki, is ruling the nation with an iron fist, as the country slips back into civil war. Nothing but chaos, ruin, and rivers of blood resulted from the criminal invasion. For Obama to even dare to compare Crimea to Iraq is a sick joke.

Obama also rejected comparisons to Kosovo:

Obama then made a similar point about Kosovo, which Russian President Vladimir Putin has cited as another example of the West not walking the walk.

“…NATO only intervened after the people of Kosovo were systematically brutalized and killed for years,” Obama said. “And Kosovo only left Serbia after a referendum was organized – not outside the boundaries of international law – but in careful cooperation with the United Nations, and with Kosovo’s neighbors. None of that happened in Crimea.”

The people of Kosovo were indeed oppressed. But NATO’s bombing of Serbia had the immediate consequence of sharply increasing Serb atrocities of Albanians in Kosovo, not the other way around. The vast majority of the violence occurred after the bombing began, so Obama is inverting the chronology. But even with his fictional chronology, it doesn’t change the fact that the NATO action was a violation of international law, and thus, quite relevant.

53 thoughts on “Obama Suggests Russian Annexation of Crimea Is Worse Than Iraq Invasion”

  1. And Obama forgot about Palestine, gitmo, Diego Garcia, Puerto Rico, his home state of Hawaii, and oh yeah the entire usa.

    Obama supports annexation and ethnic cleansing if it benefits the US.

    Oh and he also lied about the usa not stealing Iraq’s resources, and the USA leaving Iraq by choice. What an evil man. Also didn’t mention that the usa murdered about 3 million Iraqis just since 1990.

  2. There never was any other but far right democrats or republicans running the US government, lately however, is getting worse and is not going to stop there. The double moral and standard by USG-EU no matter who is in charge going to continue, deception by Hillary Clinton following, the most far right democrats, will follow her husband footsteps following Tony Blair and Paul Wolfowitz idea demanding for USG-EU to wage wars with whatever and whoever that Neo liberalism are "dreaming" of being the enemy of USA -EU will follow.

    Obama using the very same method, the different is that he us able to manipulate everyone by using the idea that he is a socialist or a true democrats, which in reality his non of the above, nor Bill Clinton was or Hillary Clinton policies are going to be. Obama is yet another follower of the old saying " the enemy of my enemy is my friend" using nations religious or political idea to fight and kill each other, as in Syria and Ukraine while talking to Iranian government wanting to establish a economic relation, meanwhile sanctioning Russia, and while in Europe, telling the world that fascism have a social political right as every other "democrats" do, but Crimean's voting for their independent is not legal?

    Obama and EU governing body policies, both at home and internationally, is nothing but manipulating the people's mind. The Neo liberals, Neo kind of thinking is to not follow the principals in democracy yet insisting that: "fascism is fascism right" to be against blacks and Jews and everything in between, while liberals, by disrespecting the principals in democracy, have something to argue about democracy, while neo liberalism giving right to every wrongful ideolog, they themselves disrespecting their own people's existence by harming them with austerities, creating police state and waging wars all over the world for such unrealistic and manipulative doctrine.

    Obama-EU governing system terminology of Neo democracy is good as any other democrat or republican president whom are hired by anglo-American corporation, their job , basically, is to destroy democracy while establishing a regime which would protect USG/corporations "interests" at home and around the world, hence, that doesn't mean that they can not lie as Obama have done from day one entering the office, nor being able to wage wars using street garbage as fascism. Why they are doing it is a good question, the answer is: this kind of thinking-behavior shows their limit of intelligent, they do not pose any other brain cel to correct or think otherwise, people's well being is not their concern, nor the words "people" means anything to them but working man and women that are not paid enough to have a healthcare, people, in their eyes, are those whom pay taxes for federal government to wage wars or spend 5billion dollars on fascism in Ukraine. The sad part of it is that: as they get stronger they are posing a far more social danger to human life, as hitlerism did.

    They say that all their effort is for and about democracy but they never explain what kind of democracy they are talking about, fascism, racism say that they are for democracy, is just that they don't like Jews and blacks and Russians or Chinese and etc, so as Saudi Arabian tyrants regime, they don't like Shiite Muslims and willing to kill millions of them, so goes for Israel apartheid regime which don't like Muslims or Arabs and willing to kill millions of them and etc, so they are not there for democracy nor participating in creating one such concept, in fact, Iraqi regime during Saddam, provided free education, free healthcare and enter religious marriage were a government programs, now the entire social matters are destroyed by USG and NATO-EU for Neo liberalism wanting to destroy it.

    Although the word "democracy" and its concept is universal, but that doesn't mean that every garbage created at univers can become or is part of univers, here on earth and in regard to practical terms of a functioning democracy, fascism, hooligans and other form of garbage are regarded as nothing but social garbage, they have a proven record that they are garbage, cooperating with them makes you a look like one.

    The very far right politicians all over the Europe are doing the same to the European people and Obama care is obama's fiasco, so as all of his misrepresentation of matters which was and is in conjunction with Neo liberalism manipulative politics distracting people's mind as if it is their idea is a "functioning democracy", if that was the case then why all that austerity, why all that NSA, why all that police state and etc. For the sake of argument lets keep NSA and say that is needed for securing the nation facing the world of terrorism whom are not created by CIA nor they are paid by Saudis, but what about austerity and police state and police brutality, what about social and economic justice and a universal healthcare, what about free education and……..

    1. You are so psychotically delusional that it would be pointless to even try to reason with you. Using "jargon to mask true ignorance only fools the ignorant. By the way we're not a democracy; we're a representative republic. Even Obama gets that wrong all the time. As for your vacuous rant, spleef another reef bra.

      1. That I understood long time ago jojo, that "we are not democracy" are you-you included the word "we"? That "we' re a representative republic" that's where you are wrong which tells me that you are yet another form of something from somewhere believing that the word "representative republic" must have a manifest written by someone, other then US constitution! Please let me know where I can buy a copy of this "representative republic" or better yet, whom are "representing" this never heard kind of "republic or democracy", but if you meant to say, constitutional republic, with a democratic political party attached to the governing system that based on stone aged Roman democracy, then the subject matter become argumentative, which I am not into that kind of nonsense. And please do yourself a favor, don't read what I write, understand it, like those who do.

  3. Obama has got to be either joking(I hope not) or he has no true grasp of ?the dire mess that Iraq is in because of ?the U.S. invasion. And if ?the latter Is ?the real case. He should be booted from office for having no foreign policy political acumen and therefore incompetent to hold office and should stand trial with Bush/Cheney and all ?the neocons who misled us and now have blood on their hands nearly worse as Saddam. But we all know none of that will happen because to do so would rip ?the country apart and maybe even bring on a revolution. God help America for its self righteousness and growing arrogance.

  4. "Sought to work within the international system", what does that even mean? There is such a thing as internationial law and the Iraq war was in clear violation regardless of what anyone "sought". Oh officer yes I'm loaded out of my mind but I sought not to drive drunk see, really I sought it … why are you arresting me?

    “It is true that the Iraq War was a subject of vigorous debate – not just around the world, but in the United States as well,” Obama said. “I happened to oppose our military intervention there.”

    Yes and his happening to oppose it (it just kind of happened, like it happened to rain yesterday or something) is about as relevant to anything at all as me happening to oppose Obama. Look forward not back, and pretty soon they're defending the Iraq war (though Obama only rode the coattails of opposition to it to office).

    1. "Sought to work within the international system", what does that even mean?

      It means we do whatever we want.

  5. When was the alleged referendum in Kosovo?

    Can Mr. Obama – or ANYONE on his staff – cite a date, the turnout, or the percentage of votes in favor?

    Can they elaborate what "neighbors" were consulted – do they mean Albania, or Serbia (which isn't a neighbor, but the rightful owner of that territory as per UNSCR 1244)?

    It isn't hard to answer this. Because no such referendum ever happened.

    1. Here's another difference: Ukrainian speakers are not being hunted down and killed after the annexation of Crimea, unlike Serbian speakers after Kosovo's takeover by UNMIK and de facto handover to the KLA.

    2. But that'd make you a Referendum Denier.

      I think there's a variant on Imitation=Flattery at work here… Thinking of the underlying respect (even awe(?), envy(?)) being shown when he fantasizes that a USg project did something that Russia's Crimea just did?

  6. We attacked Iraq under the umbrella of "international system"? GW Bush dismissed the "international system" because it wouldn't give us the approval we wanted ( Oh , a few places did – mostly our territories in Micronesia). What is with Obama other than he senses that his time is coming to a close and he can smell the dollars that will come to him from the corrupt elites that run this country? A few more months of having to eat $hit and then it is off to Hawaii, where he can spent his old age like Bill Clinton, endorsing checks and farting through silk.

  7. Colin Powell filled the World with lies, nothing but lies in the UN. Bush, Blair and NATO-chief AFR (who also attacked Iraq illegally, based on lies only) must be arrested and tried. Bush' war crimes regarding torture are even worse. And like Hitler he had his lawyers confirm that illegal was legal. We need a Nuremberg 2 trial !

  8. What did anyone expect him to say? Oh yeah. You are right. Sorry Russia. The Empire doesn't do apologies. As GHWB made clear after the US blew a civilian Iranian airplane out of the sky killing over 200 people. "I'll never apologize for the United States. Ever. I don't care what the facts are,"

  9. “I happened to oppose our military intervention there.”
    There was an interview between Bill O'Reilly and an important political campaign helper in Chicago –her first/nick name mighta been 'Sugar.' The interview was after his first election to Prez. It came out that there that he'd been specifically advised to come out against the Iraq war when he said he was thinking of running for Prez. So any personal credit there is in doubt. I wouldn't let him get away with that.

  10. Is there any wonder thinking people look aghast at the US? Has the president become the very essence of hypocrisy in his every puerile utterly shameless utterance. We have the verbal twists needed to not call the military coup against Morsi a coup- which it absolutely was-then impose sanctions against Russians but not the nazis who overthrew the elected govt of Ukraine the ongoing distortion of events in Venuzuela and now descent into complete bare faced farce not since the American war (that is what the victims call the Vietnam “conflict”)has a greater crime than the Iraq invasion been witnessed .” Mr President ” you are a hypocrite and a liar.

  11. The obvious lies coming out of President Obama's mouth these days would be laughable if they weren't so sick-making. One wonders what percentage of the sleep walking masses believe them, or even care? I've tuned him out for good, just like I did GWB after his first year. Looks like his neo-con buddies will get their way, there will be no peace with Iran, and the Syrian War will drag on. Obama is president in name only. I don't think he even believes what he says.

  12. When listing O's lies, you can also add:

    -He never opposed the war on Iraq. He gave one calculated speech pretending to oppose it in principle (for all the wrong reasons at that), but he supported it in his actions every single time an actual vote came up.

    -It absolutely did include the plunder of Iraq'a resources.

    -The war never ended and the current result today can't be considered sovereign in any conceivable sense of the word.

    1. I distinctly remember GWB drooling while saying to the world that if they did not send troops to help the US in Iraq then they will not get any oil or reconstruction contracts.

  13. Let's see. No casualties. Invited in by the population, An existing basing agreement in place. an illegal coup in Kiev. Nazi bankers rule. The new government speaks of abolishing the Russian language. One of the coup leaders, Tymoshenko, speaks of killing Russians. A quick and overwhelming affirmation at the polls by the people of the Crimea. No wonder Obama is greeted by cold silence and utter disrespect all over the world. If he doesn't hire actors for the audience, there is a hostile response. Here too, Obama can blow it out his @%%.

  14. Yeah, I'm sure the people of Crimea are looking on with envy at the people living in the wreckage of the nation formerly known as Iraq. Up to a million excess deaths above normal and millions more displaced by the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq, compared to a bloodless referendum and an annexation by Russia overwhelmingly supported by the people of Crimea. Right now the death toll in the "2014 Crimean Crisis" is running at 3, with "dozens injured":

    Russian Crimea policy is an exercise in civilized modernity compared to what the bullies in Washington are up to around the world these days.

    Obama is engaged in an embarrassing exercise of apologetics for a thug imperialist state that is just too powerful militarily for its own good. Just when you thought that Obama couldn't do worse than George W. at fomenting bitter resent towards the U.S. for the behavior of Washington, he spews this kind of verbal B.S. about Crimea and Iraq.

  15. They star wars: the old republic credits tend to be wonderful! pleasing, stylish, and the who! But nevertheless, these are now outstanding!

  16. “…NATO only intervened after the people of Kosovo were systematically brutalized and killed for years,” Obama said. “And Kosovo only left Serbia after a referendum was organized – not outside the boundaries of international law – but in careful cooperation with the United Nations, and with Kosovo’s neighbors"

    Unfortunately someone misled President; I guess one of his speech writers. Why then doesn't Kosovo have a seat in the UN? Face it, the UDI violates the UN Charter, Helsinki Accords and the Serbian Constitution in addition to UNSC R-1244 as it guarantees FRY's (Serbia) sovereignty and territorial integrity. And, unlike the ICJ, that's not an opinion, its a fact….

  17. Why haven't you then prosecuted the former regime for their war crimes against Iraq? It makes you now an accomplice. Also you are factually incorrect about NATO bombing because people in Kosovo were being systematically brutalized. NATO and Clinton began the bombing because Milosevic would not Bow to our demands. By the way Obama, the bombing in Serbia and Kosovo killed over two thousand innocents. Stop being a hypocrite.

  18. Obama can't prosecute Bush because he would then have to prosecute himself. The window to prosecute Bush ended a long time ago unless the next admin prosecutes them both.

  19. The interview was after his first election to Prez. It came out that there that he'd been specifically advised to come out against the Iraq war when he said he was thinking of running for Prez.

  20. The Fourth Estate need to be more demanding of itself.It is critical ad absolutely necessary that journalists be precise ,analytic and honest with themselves in refuting Obama's claims.If Obama can defend U.S actions let him do so but so far his claims are woefully inadequate and unworthy of a reasonable man.We must hold him to higher standards of truth and exactitude .Hysterics,name calling and intemperate remarks will not help in questioning his remarks. Rick Ficek,Hamilton,Canada

  21. US democrat or republican is a stage show – they all sing the same tune when in office – The US and the western world in general play to the audience at elections and then carry on their hegemonic control game over the world – I say this as a citizen of this so called 'wonderful western world' that strives to total world control irrespective of all the suffering and poverty that precedes and continuates because of greed, ambition and self esteem within power hungry. The world will only change when humans feel the need to respect and help each other to the betterment of mankind as a whole – fantasy maybe but reality is a dream I aspire to

  22. But it's urgent. It seems we only have 3-4 years left. The missiles in Romania, Poland and on 32 ships in the Mediterranean Sea will be deployed by 2018. So, Russia will probably deploy Launch On Warning by 2017. That means Mutually Assured Suicide. Please help make Pentagon and Congress understand that. The worst imaginable for the Russians is to die alone. Missile engineer Bob Aldridge on the new US missiles in Eastern Europe and on 32 ships in the Mediterranean Sea: Whether they are on ships or land, they are still a necessary component for an unanswerable first strike. Only for Blackmail? Blackmailing the Russians ?

  23. The guy is a dilusional killer and an oger for all the kids he killed with his drones.
    He remains a terrible despot and tyran.
    Of course, he got this dirty distinction: the Nobel Price. Go figure.

  24. The worst imaginable for the Russians is to die alone. Missile engineer Bob Aldridge on the new US missiles in Eastern Europe and on 32 ships in the Mediterranean Sea: Whether they are on ships or land, they are still a necessary component for an unanswerable first strike. Only for Blackmail? Blackmailing the Russians ?

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