Autopsy: WH ‘gate crasher’ shot by cops in the back of head

Miriam Carey is dead and will never be able to tell us what happened on that fateful Oct. 3 day when she led police on a high speed chase through the busy downtown streets of Capitol Hill and was killed shortly after, before she could even exit her car, her 1-year-old daughter in the back seat, a silent witness to it all.

But an autopsy ordered by her grieving family may lend some detail to the sad story.

According to reports on Tuesday morning, the results of the autopsy have revealed that Carey was shot five times “from behind,” including one shot to the back of her head.

As we have covered here before, Carey, 34, may have been under some mental duress, and no one quite knows why she drove all the way down to Washington, D.C. from Connecticut with her young daughter that day. The entire incident is still under police investigation so officials did not return calls for comment by local reporters. The autopsy also revealed that she was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs when the incident happened.

Miriam Carey
Miriam Carey

Of course the chorus on one side is that police were just doing their jobs, trying to prevent a potential “terror” attack at the Nation’s Capital, which since 9/11 has been functioning in varying degrees of emergency security lock-down. Others say that very post-9/11 mindset has made police hostile and trigger happy and remote as ever from the people to whom they owe their livelihoods and salaries. Instead, everyone is a potential terrorist, until proven otherwise. The reaction from the members of congress and their staffs, many who hailed the police as heroes, in essence, for killing Miriam Carey that day, is a clear indication of how that mindset has set in here Inside the Beltway

Carey may have taken wrong turn and panicked, or, her intent may have been more diabolical. But to her family, this was a senseless loss of life and a stain on law enforcement, and they are suing the Capitol Police, which had the lead in this incident, for $75 million. Stay tuned.

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  1. SF police gunned down a 28 year old Latino in his own neighborhood last week, while he meditated and ate lunch on a hillside. Someone had seen him doing stretches on a hillside and called the police about "suspicious behavior." He was a security guard at a local club and carried a taser for that work. Police say they mistook it for a gun and shot him 14 times. Post 9/11 policing is becoming more and more militarized, and that is a very bad thing.

  2. I remember this story well. What would the Capitol Police say if they also killed Carey's one year old. Collateral Damage?

      1. The tv footage clearly showed that several officers had their guns pointed at her head when they had her car pinned against the gate. No wonder she was scared to death. Didn't they see the child in the car seat then? Why didn't they shoot out her tires instead? The fact that they then let her put her car in reverse and get away still baffles me. Plus they could have killed others when they fired at her fleeing car. I imagine that the authorities have probably whitewashed the investigation.

  3. United States of America has been a police stats for over 30 years, lately however, these forces showing themselves more then before by killing innocents or bystander knowing that their captain will or have to cone up with some sort of story to back their report and to save the face of police department. The saying: "shoot first and ask questions later" is the operation protocol by an police states, police officers just following it, they are thought that at police academy. The other things that they are thought is, fear for your life out there, you are dealing with bad people who don't want to learn or lesson to you officers? Shoot them, if you think is necessary, we answer the questions later! This case or the one in SF or the case of a unarmed women seating in her car, the case of a homeless mentally sick are just to show you that they can.

  4. We are all proles now, in the Orwellian sense. Unless you wear a government issued costume and carry a government badge. Then you are automatically a "hero."
    Our Hearst newspaper locally is practically Soviet in this respect. Cops arrested for rape or other crimes are described as "former policemen" despite the fact that their "firings" were after the fact and probably won't be final until actual conviction. Cops, soldiers and other government officials are depicted as tragic victims regardless of circumstances, and receive page one coverage. Proles, who are slaughtered daily by government killers are of course barely mentioned at all, and when they are given coverage they are depicted as crazy, vicious criminals or at least shown as "threatening" the government heroes by holding something, anything, that the liars can claim was a weapon.
    Stay away from cops and anyplace where State officialdom gathers. You have a target on your back.

  5. There are many parallels between the police state in America to-day and Hitler's Germany in 1939. There are, constantly comparisons being made to the pre-war status of Nazi Germany in world affairs, but America is more authoritarian' than was Germany only without a Goering in overall command of police. That similarity is far more dangerous than any of the others.

    1. Wasn't that the Heydrich (Chief of SD) / Himmer (Reichsführer SS) though? Goering was responsible for the flyboys.

      1. Goering was also Minister of the interior and as such in charge of the Prussian cops and intially the gestapo as meddling in other areas.

  6. When someone reveals that government officials have routinely and deliberately broken the law, that person should not face life in prison at the hands of the same government.

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