Antiwar Rep. Walter Jones Beats Neocon-Backed GOP Rival

Strongly antiwar incumbent Rep. Walter Jones (R – NC) has won a hotly contested primary tonight, defeating a challenge from hawkish challenger and former Treasury Dept. official Taylor Griffin 51% to 45%.

A Congressman since 1995, Rep. Jones was challenged almost exclusively on his foreign policy positions, including his opposition to various US wars and foreign aid to Israel.

Griffin, by contrast, was heavily bankrolled by the Emergency Committee for Israel and the Ending Spending Fund SuperPAC, who put in over $1 million combined, though his own campaign site made scant mention of foreign policy, beyond presenting a big military as good for the district’s economy.

The funding paid for ads attacking Jones as “liberal” for voting against Iran sanctions and having “forgotten” the people of North Carolina in his foreign policy votes.

38 thoughts on “Antiwar Rep. Walter Jones Beats Neocon-Backed GOP Rival”

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  1. My congratulations to Representative Jones on his victory, and piss on the Israel-First warmongers who tried to defeat him.

  2. I wish Lindsay Grahame would go down in a few weeks. That would be great.

    1. I suspect Lindsay Grahame has been 'going down' for quite a long time now.

  3. This is great news! I'm glad that he won! The voters in his district made a wise decision! The whole nation needs him in Congress.

  4. Rep Jones has also filed a bill and agitated in Congress with rep Steven Lynch to declassify 28 pages of the Congressional 9/11 Inquiry that documents the Saudi role in financing the al Qaeda hijackers. In toto, the Inquiry sketches out the collaboration among the CIA/ FBI/ US Military with the Saudis in providing a terror support network that created the 9/11 Terror Spectacle.

  5. Now we can see why Presidential hopeful Rand Paul has voted for (somewhat toothless) Iran sanctions–to inoculate him from exactly this kind of trashy neocon/AIPAC mode of primary attack come campaign time. At least Jones has shown one can survive the demagoguery even if they stick to their guns about rejecting sanctions.

    1. But did Rand Paul vote only to "inoculate" himself while actually opposing sanctions on Iran, or does he really believe in sanctions? How will we know?
      That's the trouble when politicians don't have a spine and are afraid to state their real beliefs. This practice only confuses voters and they don't know what he really believes or how he will vote.
      Like habitual liars, this type of politician forgets what lies they said earlier, and risk taking contradictory positions, making contradictory statements, and look like fools.

      1. Exactly. I believe that Sen. Paul saw how the country treated his father for his beliefs and rather than put his own beliefs out there for the press and the country to pick apart, he dances around the truths but never really comes out and makes a stand. I'm not a Paul follower but have kept him on the radar and even now I'm not really sure what he for or against.

        As for Rep. Jones, IMO he will always be tainted with his sycophantic actions before he evolved…he will always justifiably be attached to "Freedom Fries". Because he is a politician, one can never be sure whether such an evolution is core-changing or just a convenience.

        Since I am not from NC, I really don't have any skin in that game. But, he is one voice more against the warmongers and that, whether he is genuine or not, is good.

  6. Congrats to Rep Jones for standing up against the cowardly warmongers and neocon flunkies on AIPAC's payroll.

  7. The South is known as being hyper-militaristic. If Jones can win in NC against a heavily AIPAC bankrolled opponent, why not more anti-war candidates in the two dinosaur parties? We're waiting!

  8. The only reason the Jones changed him mind on the wars was that people in his district got on his case because of all the body bags that were coming back from the war. and he could not take the heat. BTW, he has three major military bases in his district. He is a two faced lair, I live in his distract.

  9. If the Republicans ever got their act together, they'd nominate Rand Paul as their candidate for the presidency.

  10. He won a Republican district by being pro peace. I think the military people in fort Bragg are also sick of war so that helps a lot.

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