Antiwar GOP Congressman Justin Amash Wins Primary Challenge

Antiwar Republican Congressman Justin Amash won a very contentious primary challenge from Brian Ellis, who was supported by the GOP establishment for Michigan’s 3rd district. Amash, who was significantly outspent, won with 57% of the vote.

Amash has been a leader of the libertarian caucus of the GOP House members. He has led the fight against NSA surveillance and for protection of privacy. He has fought against US intervention and military aid across the board.

This past Friday, Amash was one of only 8 House members to vote against additional funding for Israel’s Iron Dome defense system.

Amash is the first Palestinian-American member of the US Congress.

UPDATE: The Washington Post has an article about Justin Amash’s victory speech: “Justin Amash’s absolutely amazing victory speech.”

21 thoughts on “Antiwar GOP Congressman Justin Amash Wins Primary Challenge”

  1. I wish I lived in Amash's district. In backward Southwest PA where I live the people are not so enlightened. We keep re-electing war hawks around here.

  2. We need more politicians like him. We need a president that will be better than Ayn Rand Paul, Hillbilly Clinton etc.

  3. We need more politicians like him. We need someone better than Ayn Rand Paul, Hillbilly Clinton, Jeb Bush, etc.

  4. It is actually surprising he won. The Devos family and the Neocons just came out to overzealous. If they had scaled it back and not been complete bullying aholes they would have easily taken the seat. The people of his district are about as mainstream GOP as you get. Amash’s first win was a fluke and he has doneca good job for the district so their overblown rhetoric wasn’t sitting well. Even for your standard do as you are told crowd

  5. They NeoCons and Devos Family (Grand Rapids are GOP royalty) came out so over the top negative the people couldn't stomach it. If they had been a bit more restrained about it Amash would have probably lost. People don't like getting something shoved down their throat. The area he is in has always been faithful GOP robots. I'm from just South a bit in Kalamazoo.

  6. Amash is very popular here in Michigan, which has a large Arab-American population: Congrats, Justin!

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