Angela Keaton Interviews Scott Horton About Iraq, Syria, and the Old Days

Too many commentators gloss over the horrors of war and the abhorrent politicians who make it. Join Antiwar’s director of operations, Angela Keaton, and former Antiwar radio host and current host of the Scott Horton Show, Scott Horton himself, to discuss why war is some bad s*** and what is wrong with America’s foreign policy. What’s going on in the Middle East? Scott names names and calls politicians out!

8 thoughts on “Angela Keaton Interviews Scott Horton About Iraq, Syria, and the Old Days”

  1. I don't think the goal is to help against ISIS. It is about making money through a war a world away, protect US military presence in the region (I saw an article that claimed the US was protecting its military base(s) under the of call humanitarian intervention), and the interest of those that the US has sided on (Israelis,Sunni dictatorships, Kurds). Israel said its goal is no outcome and that it wants all sides to be weakened (I wonder if they see the US as an enemy).

    The Neocons sound like aristocrats and are interbreeding. Rand Paul is a #$@!. I knew that Rand Paul would sully the libertarian label. Its really easy to redefine words. If he is elected the libertarian label will be dead. I think the US can come home after the military industrial complex is paid off and given something better to do which could hopefully get it off taxpayer money in the future. America is a multi-ethnic society so there will always be people with attachments to their cousins in other countries who seek to get the US to intervene on their behalf like Anglo-Americans did for the British in World War I. If profits can be made from it then war profiteers take up the cause and spread propaganda for it far and wide. The police state is a money generating machine so I don't see how that is going to end because people profit from it and there is always a boogie man they can use to justify it and its expansion.

    A rebuttal I come across regarding defending the Palestinians is that there are over a billion Muslims and a few million Jews. That the Palestinians are anti-American, the rockets fired into Israel. They bring up the discrimination Jews face in Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia. Can one zoom in on just the Palestinians and Israelis without looking at the whole ecology and history of the situation? Without looking at historical European behavior, American behavior, the propped up Gulf States that spread Salafism far and wide. Israelis are being good little Europeans, they came, they saw, they killed, and subjugated the natives. Then there is the history of the rise of Zionism and Israel that sounds kind of conspiratorial such that they were responsible for getting the US into World War I. I just avoid it because I don't have the time to pick it apart and understand the complex history of who did what when prior to 1967.

  2. Scott Horton's command of history is a real gift. He (rightfully) attributes it to his interviewees (which he generously cites with fidelity), but he his a treasure to the antiwar cause.

  3. Very interesting interview. Here in Europe we currently think a lot about WW1 which started 100 years ago and there is a strong feeling in the society that we have act more strongly in the Middle East. The perspective of Scott Horton is very insightful, many politicians here should take a look at his perspective.

  4. Really like Scott's show. It was instrumental in my political thinking over the last ten years or so. Yes, I started listening to him way back, could be 15 years even. My wife and I laugh every time he starts his radio shows- "Hey!!!" …..blank air…. "This is Scott Horton." And this is my radio show!" … "The Scott Horton Show!"

  5. you know what it is? those archives come from a live show — minus the bumper music the live audience hears. the full stream rips with music and ads are here

    i always wondered whether people listening to the archives could tell that or not…

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