It Was Fake: Syrian Boy Braves Sniper Fire to Save Girl Trapped by Barrage of Bullets

UPDATE: It was too good to be true. A Norwegian director has come forward and the story of how the video was promoted have come out: it was staged and shot in Malta.

The original post follows:

The video shows the youngster, about 8 years old, weave his way down a dusty street, dodging bullets to reach a terrified girl cowering behind a car. The boy even plays dead at one point to deceive the sharpshooters, who miss hitting both children as they appear to safely run off.

The video has not been authenticated, and it is puzzling as to who took it, but it does appear authentic. Activists say it’s real, some critics say it is faked. It doesn’t seem fake to me. Either way, it is worth watching.

11 thoughts on “It Was Fake: Syrian Boy Braves Sniper Fire to Save Girl Trapped by Barrage of Bullets”

  1. This looks so fake. His dramatic way of falling down, the girl hiding in weird spot, and at the end they run in the direction where the shots come from.

    1. While it is hard to tell, judging by the bullet strikes when the man runs from the doorway, it appears the shooter was probably somewhere behind the position the video was shot from. If so the boy and girl ran in the right direction.

  2. How odd/interesting that the videographer would choose to remain focused on that one spot just so we could watch this drama unfold.

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