Corrie Family Response to Israeli Supreme Court’s Dismissal of Appeal in Wrongful Death of Rachel Corrie

From the Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice:

Today we received word from our attorneys that the Supreme Court of Israel dismissed our appeal in the wrongful death case of our daughter and sister Rachel Corrie. Our family is disappointed but not surprised. We had hoped for a different outcome, though we have come to see through this experience how deeply all of Israel’s institutions are implicated in the impunity enjoyed by the Israeli military.

It will take some time before we have ability to read the decision in English and to process all the court has said. Nevertheless, it is clear that this decision, affirming the August 2012 lower court finding, amounts to judicial sanction of immunity for Israeli military forces when they commit injustices and human rights violations.

The Israeli Supreme Court decision ignores international law arguments regarding the protection of civilians and human rights defenders in armed conflict, and grossly violates the internationally recognized right to effective remedy.

The court has determined that our separate case against Dr. Yehuda Hiss and Abu Kabir Institute, regarding inappropriate ways in which Rachel’s autopsy was conducted, may go forward in the lower court. We continue to be appalled that it requires a lawsuit to have a truthful accounting of what occurred, and complete repatriation of Rachel’s remains. Decisions as to next steps will be made by the family in consultation with our attorneys.

Despite the verdict, our family remains convinced we were correct in bringing this case forward. The day after Rachel was killed, Prime Minister Sharon promised President Bush a thorough, credible, and transparent investigation. Clearly, that standard was not met. The U.S. Government continues to call for such an investigation by Israel. A civil lawsuit cannot substitute for an impartial investigation, but it is the only process through which a family can discover more information and move forward when governments fail to act.

Rachel’s case provides yet another example of how the Israeli justice system is failing to provide accountability. We urge the international community, and not least the U.S. Government, to stand with victims of human rights violations and against impunity, and to uphold fundamental tenents of international justice.

We are immensely grateful to our attorney Hussein Abu Hussein and to his entire legal team for the decade of work they have contributed to Rachel’s case, and continue to provide. We are grateful to all of our friends in Palestine, Israel, and elsewhere, who in so many different ways have supported our efforts.

We have taken this path for Rachel, the daughter and sister we love, lost, and miss. Her spirit lives. She has inspired all of our actions and will continue to do so.

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    1. Jonathon, you are apparently a paid Zionist troll. Know this – you and your ilk WILL lose, eventually. Time and the flow of history is against you – no criminal, Apartheid-practicing regime can survive in the age of the Internet. So how about joining the side working for peace & justice – your conscience will thank you…

  1. Sorry to see that sometimes there are failures in the system of a country, especially if the army is involved. I hope that in the end justice will be done in the case of Rachel, because after all she was an innocent child, who simply hadn't more luck.

    1. Rachel died fighting for the lives and futures of the long suffering people of the Gaza strip. She was as brave as a person that exists in this world. She gave up a comfortable middle class American life style to be killed by the IDF for trying to prevent the bulldozing of gazan homes.

  2. Next stop – ICC … or maybe the Corries can bring a civil tort against israel in a U.S. judicial court, just like is done in New York.

  3. As white european supremacy stolen the free people's land as America, they also found a way to create slaveries in usa. South Africa apartheid, fascism and later Palestine, all have their historical, social political and economical ties. One way or the other these regimes of deceptions will be vanished no matter what people as Jonathan Meof say or American/european Christian democrats as Angela Markell or that Swedish king do to prevent the out come.

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